‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did One Fan Just ‘Solve’ All of John Dutton’s ‘Problems’ With Intriguing Strategy?

by Halle Ames

John Dutton has 99 problems, and losing his property is number one. However, one fan may have solved all of John’s issues on “Yellowstone.”

Through the “Yellowstone” series, the Dutton family has gone head to head with numerous enemies that are tirelessly trying to take their massive ranch.

Yellowstone Ranch Versus Market Equities

Most recently on the show, John Dutton was trying to destroy and deter Market Equities from building an airport in the middle of their land. The company offered to buy it from John for $500 million. We call that generational wealth.

If the airport is built, then a town will quickly follow with the influx of jobs and tourism. Part of the town would be a ski resort that thousands of people would flock to each year. Consequently, people from out of state would begin to buy property in the area, driving up the land prices. The Duttons are already breaking even as it is, so an airport and heightened tax prices would destroy the Yellowstone ranch.

Angela Blue Thunder, a lawyer for the reservation, is also trying to combat the airport’s construction. In the big meeting with all of Montana’s superpowers in the “Yellowstone” season three finale, Blue Thunder notes that the grounds of the reservation’s lawsuit against Market Equities stems from the ecosystem. The scary but brilliant lawyer says that runoff from the airport would hurt the land and the protected species around Bozeman, Montana.

Did Reddit Just Save The Ranch?

One Reddit fan may have found an outlet for almost all of John Dutton’s land issues.

“So because of Eminent Domain and how the Yellowstone isn’t making enough money, they really don’t have many options, but Eminent Domain doesn’t apply at a state level in regards to tribal land. The only true Dutton Heir is Tate, who obviously is a member of whatever Native American tribe that his mother is. John could make a deal to make the Yellowstone technically tribal land as long as Tate and his descendants still have ownership (I assume private ownership is also a thing among Native Americans). This could help chairman Rainwater for obvious reasons (expanding tribal land even if it’s owned by one tribal member) and continued support from the Dutton family.”

“Yellowstone” fans never cease to amaze us with their brilliant thinking.

Now that we have the land issue potentially figured out, we need to focus on getting John to a darn hospital. Immediately following this significant meeting, John was heading back to the Yellowstone when he pulled over to help a woman and her young son with their flat tire. A van pulled up and asked if he was John Dutton and proceeded to fire numerous shots at the Dutton patriarch.

It is unclear if he will survive the attack. We just hope someone passes this new Reddit information along, so the Duttons can keep their land!

“Yellowstone” season four will air next month. Hold onto your cowboy hats. It’s going to be a bumpy ride on the back of this bronco.