‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is One Major Character ‘Way More Deadly’ Than They Seem?

by Thad Mitchell

With the premiere of a new “Yellowstone” season coming up (we hope) fans of the Paramount Network series are gearing up.

We are still waiting on “Yellowstone” producers to provide an official start date for the fourth season. They have previously said the new season will begin in June – which is now upon us with no official date. Many think the first episode of the new season will debut on Father’s Day, which falls on June 20 this year. Previous seasons of the modern western drama have made their premiere on Father’s Day, fueling speculation.

In “Yellowstone”‘s lengthy absence, fans have turned to internet message boards to get their ranch life fix. Forums dedicated to the show are full of theories and speculation regarding what the fourth season might bring. Fans love to re-watch previous episodes and scenes in order to gather clues about the show’s future. Watchers also guessing on the status of “Yellowstone”‘s main characters. A recent Reddit post reveals that fans believe a particular “Yellowstone” villain could be even more dangerous than he seems.

“Yeah so just watched that last episode again for the first time in a long time,” the Reddit user says. “It came across fresh and I saw things a little differently. Roarke is going to turn out to be way more capable and deadly than he seems.”

Introduced in the third season of “Yellowstone,” Roarke Morris is played by veteran actor Josh Holloway. Clever and cunning, he is a representative of Market Equities, a group that wishes to purchase Yellowstone Ranch. No, Market Equities isn’t looking to get into the ranching game but is instead hoping to turn the Dutton property into an airport. Beth Dutton perhaps said it best when she says Roarke could be the love child of Fabio and Lucille Ball.

Morris and Market Equities CEO Willa Hayes have attempted to acquire Yellowstone Ranch the fair way. They offer John Dutton $500 million for the property, which is more than it is worth and would make the Duttons all the richer. But for John Dutton and his family, the ranch is more than a money-maker – it’s a way of life. The Duttons seem willing to do whatever it takes to keep the ranch to the dismay of Morris and Hayes.

We’ve seen Roarke use underhanded tactics before as he employs Wade and Clint Morrow to stir up trouble for the Duttons. We have also seen his isn’t opposed to getting his hands dirty.

Roarke and Willa could have more than one trick up their sleeves as we head into season four. Many fans think they are at least partially responsible for the attacks on the Dutton family in the last season.

The Duttons do indeed survive the attacks, they are likely to go head-to-head with the Market Equities team. That is something that practically every “Yellowstone” fan wants to see.