‘Yellowstone’ TV: One Series Star Recounts Story of Meeting Kevin Costner When They Were Only ‘4-Years-Old’

by John Jamison

Denim Richards fans know the actor as Colby on “Yellowstone,” where he stars alongside Kevin Costner. Denim’s mom, however, knows Costner from a slightly less memorable place. She and Denim apparently crossed paths with him decades ago. Just in time for Mother’s Day, Denim Richards talked about the experience and how his mom still brings it up to this day.

In a recent post, the “Yellowstone” account uploaded a video of the Bunkhouse Boys talking about their moms’ love for the popular Paramount Network TV series. In the video, Denim Richards told the story of when he met Kevin Costner as a 4-year old.

“Of course, every time, she brings up the fact that you know I met Kevin when I was 3 or 4. Apparently, when I was like 4 years old, I was in an elevator with him. And my mom had called me when she found out I was going to be doing this thing with Kevin. She was like ‘Oh my God, you have to go up to him and ask him if he remembers you,'” Richards said.

What a mom. A world-famous movie star definitely remembers the occupants of an elevator he was in 20 years ago, of course.

All jokes aside, though, her optimism for Costner’s memory is adorable mom behavior and exactly the kind of thing to be celebrated on Mother’s Day.

The ‘Yellowstone’ Star Shares the Secret to Success

Denim Richards crossed paths with Kevin Costner in Hawaii shortly after the movie star finished working on his 1995 film “Waterworld.” And while Costner may not remember the meeting, it certainly had an impact on Denim’s mom. If you ask Denim these days, it had a pretty major one on him too. Possibly in more ways than one.

“For her, I think it’s the weird lifelong thing that you never imagine. Like started in an elevator and now here you are working on his show. So apparently that’s really what the key to success is. Just get into an elevator at a young age with a movie star and your parents,” Denim continued in the Instagram video.

There you have it. Success is that easy. All it took was walking into an elevator that Kevin Costner was using sometime in the early to mid-1990s.

Season 4 of the show is rumored to kick off sometime in June. Stay tuned and follow along with Outsider as we continue to provide you with all things “Yellowstone.”