‘Yellowstone’ TV: One Star’s Features Leaves Fans Questioning its ‘Realness’

by Katie Maloney

Give “Yellowstone” fans too much time between seasons and they will find things to critique about the show.

And time is exactly what fans have right now as they await the “Yellowstone” season four premiere in November. So, they’re using this time to question all the things they may have looked past while previously binging the show. And one of the characters currently being scrutinized is Jamie Dutton. Obviously, Jamie is the character everyone loves to hate. Some fans think he’s slimy, some fans think he’s whiny. Other fans simply feel sorry for him. After all, all he’s ever really wanted is his father’s love. And all the backstabbing things he’s done may have just been wounded, attention-seeking tactics. Regardless of their opinion of Jamie Dutton, there’s one thing all fans agreed on in this recent “Yellowstone” Reddit thread, and that’s a dislike for Jamie Dutton’s hair.

“I’m sure someone else has raised this, but is Jamie wearing a wig or does he just have very thick hair?” asked one fan. “I find it very distracting!”

Another fan was quick to agree and to share his own personal hair story.

“I have hair that’s similar. It appears they have wax or pomade in it. Have so much hair is a blessing and a curse. Sure you have all that hair and will never be bald but it also means you either have to cake product in it to style it or always have a short haircut. You never get to have that devil may care hair like Kayce,” said the kind of jealous fan. “It drives me crazy to see him standing in a scene where there is dust flying around because I know it’s sticking to all that pomade.”

Was Wes Bentley Cast as Jamie Dutton in ‘Yellowstone’ Because of His Hair?

Another “Yellowstone” fan wondered if actor Wes Bentley was cast as Jamie Dutton because of his hair. After all, his hair is completely different from that “devil may care hair” Kayce has. And we do end up discovering that Jamie and Kayce aren’t biologically related.

“I wonder if his hair was one of the reasons they chose Wes Bentley to play Jamie,” wrote the fan. ” It made him look different from the rest of the Duttons and that could have been their intention.”

Another “Yellowstone” fan argued that Jamie’s hair actually contradicts his character’s role in the family.

“Supposed to be the most educated and refined family member, a lawyer, but has the worst haircut,” wrote the fan. “Can’t tell me he hasn’t the money for a better salt and pepper job.”

“Yellowstone” fans can watch Wes Bentley and his hair portray Jamie on the show on November 14th.