‘Yellowstone’ TV Partners with Montana Silversmiths for Jaw-Dropping Custom Silver and Gold Pieces Featuring Dutton Ranch Logo

by Jon D. B.

Ready to rock an official “Yellowstone” bolo, belt buckle, necklace, and more – each made of sterling silver & gold? Paramount’s #1 drama has partnered with acclaimed Montana Silversmiths to bring fans an exquisite collection inspired by the show – each sporting the famous Rocking Y of the Dutton Ranch.

If you’ve got the cash, Montana Silversmiths has the swag. Announced via “Yellowstone”s official social media Tuesday, the show is letting fans know they’ve “partnered with Montana Silversmiths to create officially licensed silver- and gold-finished pieces inspired by the Dutton family ranch!”

Swipe below for more looks at some of the line’s best offerings, then find out the whos, whats, and whys next.

Montana Silversmiths Collection Brings Dutton Style to Fans

According to Montana Silversmiths, their “Yellowstone” Collection “was inspired by the television series and its values of a life in nature and the hard work of ranching in God’s country. The [Dutton] Ranch Y brand is symbolic of loyalty, struggle, faith, the natural elements of Yellowstone, second chances, and above all, family.”

For their initial offerings, Montana Silversmiths has the following listed on their website:

“Branding is an integral part of Montana (and beyond) ranches,” the brand continues. “Its role in the identification of cattle and crafted uniqueness to generations of families contribute to the richness of so much ranch history.”

As for their “Yellowstone Collection, MS hopes to embody the “soul, love, resilience, and grit” of Paramount’s incredibly popular show.

‘Yellowstone’ Belt Buckle is One For the Ages

Out of their catalog, MS is pushing their belt buckle the hardest. Which should come as no surprise, given it carries the heftiest price tag at $150. “Making brand buckles is easy for us because it is what we do. And, you bet – it is one of our favorite things to do!” the silversmiths cite of the silver & gold piece.

“The buckle in this collection is silver-finished with traditional, classic western bright cut scrolls… All held together by hints of roped, twisted gold and showcasing the ‘Y’ in its famous font from the “Yellowstone” television show,” they continue.

While the bolo and other pieces are just as sharp, something tells us the belt buckle will indeed be MS’s best-seller. Nothing beats a classic Western buckle – and this one has the timeless aesthetic on lockdown.

In addition, Montana Silversmiths promises “more” to come of their “Yellowstone” Collection in 2021. If we had to venture a guess, we’d say more options will hit the site in time for Season 4 come summer.

For a comprehensive history of the now-famous “Yellowstone” Rocking Y featured in this collection, head on over to our Where Does the Dutton Family ‘Y’ Brand and Logo Come From? next.