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‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Plot Twist Fans Might Not See Coming

by Jennifer Shea
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

One “Yellowstone” fan is advancing a theory that others have pushed before, but some fans might not have seen coming. It involves the season-ending attacks that tore through the Dutton family, leaving multiple family members’ fates hanging in question.

On Reddit, the fan suggested the possibility that the attacks were all connected and all linked to the Beck Brothers. Remember them? They’re the Season 2 villains who died after they made the mistake of kidnapping Tate Dutton (Brecken Merrill).

“Maybe the hit on John Beth and Kasey is pay back for the two brothers they killed,” the fan posted. “Could be a total plot twist we dont see coming…”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Shoot Down Theory

But other “Yellowstone” fans were not having it. They waved the theory off, saying both brothers are dead and even if one miraculously returns, they’re not dumb enough to go after the Duttons again.

“I don’t buy it,” one fan replied. “Malcolm had his ass kicked supremely. He’d be an idiot to take another shot at the Duttons.”

“I’ve heard this theory before but I’m not buying into it because they don’t seem the type to inspire loyal followers and they’re both dead,” another fan chimed in.

Meanwhile, yet another fan hopped onto the thread to suggest a different plot twist (which most “Yellowstone” fans will have seen coming if it transpires): Walker (Ryan Bingham) betrays the Dutton ranch.

Granted, loyalty is not Walker’s strong suit. And he’s bailed on his fellow ranch hands before, showing an iconoclastic streak and a willingness to buck authority. But after he took on the brand and participated in a revenge killing, would he really turn back?

“They made it clear to him if he fucks up again he dies. Walker wont rat,” another fan posted. And yet another fan pointed out that Walker seems to like Kayce (Luke Grimes) and Beth (Kelly Reilly), and will show more loyalty to Kayce than he has to Rip (Cole Hauser).

Then again, now that Walker wears the Yellowstone brand, maybe he will join in and help Rip hunt down whomever is responsible for the seemingly coordinated attacks on the Dutton clan. After all, he has seemed to show by his actions that he’s all in.

Audiences will just have to wait and see what series co-creator Taylor Sheridan has in store for their favorite characters, and which villains are behind the lethal attacks that ended last season. As far as “Yellowstone” fans are concerned, the Season 4 premiere can’t arrive soon enough.