Yellowstone TV Posts Tear-Jerking Clip of Beth and John Dutton: ‘For You’

by Jon D. B.

There’s nothing quite like the relationship between father and daughter. This stands doubly-true on Yellowstone, with Beth Dutton proving time and again to be the rock her father so desperately needs.

To this end, the show’s official Instagram account is sharing a pivotal clip as their most recent post. Within, we hear Beth lay out the truth for her father, before Season 3 goes completely off the rails. Not in quality, mind you, but intensity.

Out of all the characters on our favorite show – and especially of his own children – no one looks out for John Dutton more than his only daughter. These two have an unflappable bond, one that results in some of the absolute best scenes, dialogue, and drama on television. As such, if any character is “all in” for patriarch John – it’s Beth Dutton.

“Beth is all in on John Dutton,” Yellowstone fittingly captions the post. We’re not sure if truer words have ever been spoken of Yellowstone. Their chosen clip touches on brief, but deeply poignant, dialogue from daughter to father.

“Everything I do is for you,” Beth states amidst great emotion to her father. “To please you. To protect you.”

Beside her, John Dutton is powerless to do anything but nod to the stirring words of his daughter.

Will Beth Dutton Be the One to Take Over Yellowstone for Her Father?

As stated – when it comes to his own children, none has grown up more in John Dutton’s image than Beth. With this in mind, many fans believe she will be the one to take over Yellowstone Ranch from her father when the time comes. But do their similarities make her the best Dutton to take over Yellowstone after his passing – or the worst?

As is always the case with Paramount’s Yellowstone, the answer isn’t that cut and dry. Instead, it lies in that gray area in between that the Dutton’s know so well. For our part, however, if we were to pick an inheritor for the ranch ourselves – it would absolutely be Beth Dutton.

This doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be cons to her ownership. Beth is, after all, blisteringly impulsive. She’s deeply flawed, as are all human beings. That being said, it is her strengths that make her the woman for the job.

From the outset, you are either in love with Beth alongside most of America, or asking yourself “why would anyone give Beth control of anything?” While both are, honestly, fair points – we take an in-look at both the pros and cons of Beth Dutton running the ranch in our op-ed: Yellowstone TV – The Case for Beth Dutton Running the Ranch After John Dutton.

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