‘Yellowstone’ TV Posts Clip of Timeless Wisdom from John Dutton

by Jon D. B.

“It doesn’t take long to quit something, son.” Relive this timeless nugget of ‘Yellowstone’ wisdom courtesy of the show and one John Dutton.

“Sometimes quitting is the best answer,” the show’s official Instagram posts Friday. The caption serves a bit of grizzly-life-lesson from Kevin Costner’s John Dutton in Season 3. Dressed to the nines, Dutton swaps his white cowboy hat for one to match the midnight black of his suit.

As Season 4 approaches, it feels like it’s been a lifetime since this scene originally aired. JD’s timeless quote hails from the premiere of Season 3: Episode 1, “You’re The Indian Now.”

“It doesn’t take long to quit something, son,” John Dutton begins the quote. “I’ll be back by noon.”

In the season’s inaugural episode, ‘Yellowstone’ picks up right where we left the Duttons in Season 2. While the opener gives our favorite family a chance to breathe and relax for once, it is also full of foreshadowing for far darker days to come. And John Dutton’s black hat and suit are certainly among them.

Be warned, there are the biggest possible spoilers for Season 3 below.

‘Yellowstone’s Deep, Dark Season 3 Foreshadowing

Indeed, going back to revisit the season’s opener reveals that much of what transpired in S3 was heavily foreshadowed. This includes, of course, the “death” of John Dutton. The “telling tales” here aren’t vague, either. Not in the least. Instead, viewers are treated to a direct set of dialogue that means everything after having seen John sport this suit – and then the Season 3 finale.

In “You’re The Indian Now,” John takes Tate along to set up a frontier camp at the request of his mother, Monica. Tate is still struggling deeply with nightmares from his horrific abduction. After setting up camp with the crew, Tate opens up to his grandfather about his terrors over the night’s bonfire. Their resulting conversation – now viewed in retrospect – is shocking. Cue ‘Yellowstone’s ominous foreshadowing!

In short, John tells Tate that he can make his dreams “whatever he wants them to be.”

His grandson then asks: “Have you ever had a nightmare?”

“Yeah… I have this dream I stop to help someone on the side of the road, but they don’t want help and then…”

“Then what?” Tate asks.

“Nevermind…” his grandfather hesitates.

Oof. Stings now, doesn’t it? While it’s all but been confirmed that John Dutton, via Kevin Costner’s filming of Season 4, is set to return, we have no idea what capacity it will be in. As a result – whether JD is around for the long haul after taking all those bullets – is anyone’s guess.