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‘Yellowstone’ TV Posts Glorious Photo of Colby the Ranch Hand: ‘One Reason You Shouldn’t Trespass’

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

If you’re a fan of Yellowstone‘s warm-hearted Colby, then you’re going to want to see the show’s latest post. Needless to say, few do it like Denim Richards.

It’s easy to be overshadowed on Yellowstone with the likes of Kevin Costner’s John and Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton waltzing about. As such, it’s a great testament to the show’s supporting cast that they continue to shine in every episode they’re in. This is especially true of the bunkhouse boys: Denim Richard’s Colby.

Ranch hands like JimmyLloyd, Ryan, and Colby, of course, make for every bit as entertaining-a-watch as the Duttons. Denim Richards (who we cover in-depth here), plays a gently-spoken, unsung hero of the show perfectly, too.

“Just one reason you shouldn’t trespass on Yellowstone property,” the show’s official Twitter posts Friday of Richards’ Colby. Within, they share a new shot of the ranch hand looking as tough as Colby comes:

Denim Richards, 32, grew up in Orange County, California. In CA, he not only pursued acting, but singing and horseback riding, as well, setting the stage for his Yellowstone work early on.

Denim Richards Has Nothing But Praise for Shooting ‘Yellowstone’

Richards has now played ranch hand Colby on Yellowstone for three seasons. He is set to continue the role in the highly-anticipated Season 4, as well. As for joining the cast in the first place, Denim told his local Orange Coast that he found it a “convenient transition.” Why? He had just appeared in the aforementioned The Chickasaw Rancher, his first feature film – also a Western.

On Yellowstone, Richards says “Working with Kevin Costner was excellent. It’s a great opportunity to work with somebody who was at the top of his game for so many decades in the entertainment business,” he continues to OC. “I feel I gained 20 years of experience being able to just be around him.”

Moreover, Richards says that Yellowstone has been a unique experience because of the equality he feels on set. Unlike many other high-profile projects in Hollywood, the actor says that everyone treats their peers as equals on Taylor Sheridan’s smash hit. As a result, the cast has become incredibly close while filming in Montana and beyond.

Count Denim Richards’ reasons among the thousand we can’t wait for Yellowstone Season 4! And with both Jimmy Hurdstrom & Walker headed to spinoff “6666” next, we could be seeing Colby on the infamous Texas ranch, as well. In short: it’s a damn good time to be a Western fan!