‘Yellowstone’ TV Posts Gorgeous Photo of Monica, Is Channeling Her ‘Energy’ This Week

by Jon D. B.

Who better to get us through the week with gorgeous Western vibes than ‘Yellowstone’s Monica Dutton?

“Channeling Monica’s energy to get through this week,” the show’s official Instagram posts. Within, a classic shot of Kelsey Asbille’s character from our favorite show encapsulates much of what we love.

See: outdoors, horses, plaid, ‘Yellowstone,’ Kelsey Asbille, Monica Dutton, and ‘Yellowstone.’ Did we say we love ‘Yellowstone’?

“Most gorgeous girl on the planet!” says top follower Lou. And it’s hard to argue with her assessment. While ‘Yellowstone’ could certainly be criticized for overplaying the actor’s remarkable beauty, the same can be said for many-a-shirtless scenes for male cast members, too. But… let’s not open that can of worms!

Too late, you say? It’s never too late! Instead, let us bask in the glory that is Monica Dutton at peak ‘Yellowstone’ vibes – and coast right on through this most Monday of Mondays:

If you’re having trouble seeing the Instagram embed, the shot is available here.

‘Yellowstone’s Monica Dutton: Is She Set to Survive?

Kelsey Asbille‘s spitfire has proven herself a fighter in Season 3. Yet this only adds fuel to the fire burning within viewers: will Monica Dutton survive much longer? With glimpses like the one above, we certainly hope so. With Monica taking an active role in her own destiny, however, it seems more and more unlikely that she will.

It’s not just her own (sometimes reckless) decisions placing her in the line of fire, either. Her husband, Kayce Dutton, often places himself in harms way as a brash, former Navy SEAL. Add to this his role as a government livestock agent, and his decision to come back into his father’s dangerous Yellowstone Ranch affairs… and, well… the point is Kayce gets shot at a lot.

And as we’ve seen, this places Monica, and their son Tate, in danger. Often.

Monica is fully aware of the danger Kayce poses to her and Tate, as well. We’ve seen this play out heavily throughout the first seasons. Monica even chose to leave Kayce with Tate at one point for the safety of their young boy.

In short: history may repeat itself in many ways. Whether this includes Monica and Tate sticking with the Duttons for the long haul remains to be seen, however.

Thankfully, we don’t have long to wait. ‘Yellowstone’s highly-anticipated Season 4 is expected to hit in early summer 2021.