‘Yellowstone’ TV Posts Stoic Photo of Forrie J. Smith: ‘In Lloyd We Trust’

by Jon D. B.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it a thousand more times: Lloyd Pierce is the unsung treasure of Paramount’s smash hit, Yellowstone.

Given his all by real-life cowboy Forrie J. Smith, Lloyd’s rise in popularity shares many parallels with the drama itself. He’s been around since the pilot episode, but it has taken a few seasons for audiences to see the full potential of this fantastic secondary character – much like Yellowstone‘s own rise to cable television prominence over three seasons.

And right now, America’s appetite for Yellowstone is at an all-time high. As of Season 3, Yellowstone is now cable television’s #1 drama, and rightfully so. The show’s undeniable popularity with the public is finally catching on with mainstream media -trades, and as a result – the whole country now has Yellowstone fever.

Naturally, this means any and all news for the upcoming Season 4 is hotly anticipated. So far, however, we’ve not got much to go on – not even a trailer!

While we await any news on Season 4, tidbits like this official shot of Forrie J. Smith as Lloyd Pierce will have to tide us over.

Stoic Lloyd Pierce of Yellowstone Ranch

Posting to their official Instagram today, Yellowstone is placing the spotlight on their finest cowboy.

“In Lloyd we trust,” the show posts of the star. Within, they include one of the absolute best shots of Lloyd from Yellowstone. The photo comes courtesy of home studio Paramount’s Season 3’s production photos and shows off Lloyd’s now-iconic cowboy look. Check it out below:

Indeed, if you love this shot of and Yellowstone‘s Lloyd Pierce in general (and who doesn’t), then you love actor Forrie J. Smith, as well. As it turns out, the two are practically one and the same.

Smith’s beloved ranch hand is a staple of the series now. The more episodes that pass, the more fantastic a character Lloyd becomes, as well. And by now, you’ve heard us Outsiders mention that the actor behind this grizzled, veteran cowboy is a grizzled, veteran cowboy himself, too.

If you haven’t, and you’re still wondering why Lloyd feels so perfect a fit for Yellowstone – it’s because the actor responsible for his gate, skill, swagger, and timbre is a 100% bonified, true-to-life cowboy himself.

One of America’s Last True Cowboys: Forrie J. Smith

We’ll say it ’til the cows come home: Forrie J. Smith is one of America’s last true cowboys. And he’s lived it all his life: right up to his Hollywood career as a stuntman turned actor. Out of pure admiration for Lloyd, Smith, and our favorite show – Yellowstone – we dive deep into the life of the actor to tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the actor with our ‘Yellowstone’ TV: Everything to Know About ‘Lloyd’ Actor Forrie J. Smith.

If you’re eager for more of Yellowstone‘s Lloyd himself, Outsider.com has you covered there, as well: