‘Yellowstone’ TV: Who Proved More to John Dutton Between Rip & Kayce in Their Brawl at the Ranch?

by Thad Mitchell

Yellowstone fans are giddy with excitement as a brand new season of the Paramount Network Series is growing near.

While Yellowstone is on hiatus, fans of the modern western drama have taken the opportunity to brush up on previous seasons. The show has brought forth nothing less than epic scenes and critical character development. One of the show’s most iconic moments came in season two when Rip Wheeler and Kayce Dutton squared off for control of the bunkhouse. A recent Reddit thread examines that scene to determine who actually “wins” the fight. The scene is wonderfully done by actors Cole Hauser (Rip) and Luke Grimes (Kayce) and certainly worth another look. The two Yellowstone Ranch giants square off in the center of a horse ring with the entire bunkhouse watching. It isn’t the first between the two and it might not be the last, either.

Fans say that while Kayce may have “won” the fight, it is Rip who wins in the long run as he continually proves his loyalty to the Duttons. John later rewards Rip for his undying loyalty to Yellowstone Ranch.

“Giving Rip the cabin was for his years of unquestioning loyalty and risking his own life to save Beth when the Beck brother’s goons attacked her,” a Reddit user says.

Yellowstone Second Season Includes Fight for the Ages

The two contestants are bloodied up during the fight, though Kayce appears to no match for Rip’s brute strength. Knowing this, the fight ends when Rip demands that Kayce throw a final haymaker, making Kayce the “winner” of the fight. Rip won a season one fight between the two and likely could have won the season two fight. He throws the fight at the end, giving Kayce the control over and respect of the bunkhouse crew. He declares himself to be the leader of the ranch hands after emerging victorious.

“There ain’t no fighting on the ranch,” he says while staring down the ranch hands. “If you want to fight someone…you can come fight me.”

Rip, seemingly unhurt, heads toward Yellowstone Ranch owner and Kayce’s father, John Dutton. It is revealed that John commanded Rip to lose the fight in order to install Kayce as the new head of the bunkhouse.

“You made him earn it,” John says while approving of Rip’s actions.

Other Yellowstone fans note that it is just another instance that establishes Rip as the one person that John trusts most. John also treats Rip as his own son, even more so than Jamie.

“I do think that it allowed John to see a bigger picture and that Rip has been way more of a son than Jamie,” another Reddit use says.

Questions Surrounding the Fourth Season

There are a lot of questions surrounding the fourth season of Yellowstone, with the status of the Dutton family chief among those.

One of the key storylines of the new season expects to be Rip’s reaction when he discovers who attacked his adopted family. Most think Rip will hit the warpath while others think we will see more of Rip’s sensitive side.

The Dutton family enforcer is sure to have a lot on his plate as the new season approaches. We hope there is room on that plate for beating up some bad guys.

There’s still no word on when the fourth season of Yellowstone will begin but it is expected sometime in June. Father’s Day (June 20) is a date to keep an eye on for a possible premiere.