‘Yellowstone’ TV: Ranch Hand ‘Ryan’ Actor Ian Bohen Says ‘Just a Little While Longer’ in New Pic

by Jon D. B.

Hold onto your (cowboy) hats, ‘Yellowstone’ fans: Ranch hand Ryan’s Ian Bohen is teasing what we’ve all been waiting for – and he’s looking mighty sharp whilst doing so, too.

“Just a little while longer…” Bohen posts to his official Instagram Friday. The fan-favorite actor is sporting a super sharp blue suit with a yellow pocket square. If this doesn’t scream “Yellowstone chique,” then we don’t know what does.

It does not negate, however, how incredibly unfair this sort of teasing is to die-hard ‘Yellowstone’ fans. The wait for Season 4 has been brutal! We’ve learned much of spinoffs ‘6666’ and ‘Yellowstone: 1883,’ it’s true. But we’ve yet to hear hide nor hair of the main event: ‘Yellowstone’s highly-anticipated Season 4. No trailer is in sight! No posters, not even a teaser graphic or reel!

Regardless, Ian Bohen is here to remind us – or tease us, you damn tease – that we’ve got “just a little while longer…”

WE KNOW, IAN BOHEN. We know. View his unfairly handsome self below and decide for yourself whether you appreciate this nugget of wisdom or not:

Having trouble seeing Bohen’s post? You can follow the ‘Yellowstone’ actor on Instagram here.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: When the *#%$ Will We See It?

Mr. Bohen’s teasing leads us to the real question at hand. After all this time and build up, when will fans be given their first glimpse into the upcoming season?

Before Season 4’s release, we’re bound to receive a multitude of trailers, right? Well, as of this article’s writing on April 2, 2021, we’ve yet to receive even a hint at one.

There is somewhat good news, however. Paramount’s slight rebranding to focus on film-made-for-television has us banking on the studio release of a large, main trailer for Season 4 to kick things off Hollywood style. And if they do – which they will – it will be soon.

How soon? Looking back, the trailer for Season 3 was a late arrival, too. S3’s incredible, official trailer hit on May 6, 2020:

For a bit of clarity, it seems prudent to look back at when the trailers for other seasons hit as opposed to the season’s premieres, too. And each season-trailer’s release comes down to an average of a month and a half before the premiere episode.

The exact gap for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 was:

  • Trailer on May 6, 2020
  • Season Premiere on June 20, 2020

Likewise, if ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 is to hit late June 2021, then the trailer should hit mid-May. While we still lack confirmation on S4’s release date, Paramount should stick to a more typical syndication style for their cable drama and launch at a similar time to previous seasons.

Only time, and hopefully Ian Bohen, will tell!