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‘Yellowstone’ TV Is Ready to ‘Bring the Heat’ Over 4th of July Weekend with Marathon Ahead of Season 4

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Check out Yellowstone‘s beyond-explosive promo for their”4th of July Yellowstone Every Episode Celebration” marathon, and get ready!

“Bring the heat this 4th of July weekend with an explosive three-season binge!” says Yellowstone via their official Instagram Tuesday. As for when fans can catch this latest marathon, “The #YellowstoneTV marathon starts Saturday at 12pm ET, only on @paramountnetwork,” the show cites.

“Let’s go,” replies the one and only Kevin Costner to Yellowstone‘s post.

The John Dutton actor isn’t the only one excited for this reveal, either. Fans are taking to the post in droves to voice their excitement. Well, sort of…

“I’m glad you are encouraging us to binge watch seasons, but we need season 4 please?” fan Kelly asks. She’s echoed a hundred-times over, too, with fans dying to know Season 4’s release date.

“That’s cool you know what’s cooler? That Season 4 release date!” adds Sergio. Can’t y’all slow yer’ roll for a bit and be more like Kevin Costner? Where’s the love!?

Follower Damon wins them all, however, with: “Roses are Red, John Dutton has a hat, seriously guys, where’s season 4 at?”

At any rate, at least his clever poem is far more gentile than the next fan’s “GIVE US THE RELEASE DATE!”

Oh, Yellowstone. Such fiery passion you instill in your fans. Their latest marathon trailer does exactly that, too, which you can watch below:

The “4th of July Yellowstone Every Episode Celebration” starts this Saturday at 12pm Eastern, 11am Central!

‘Yellowstone’ Fans are Chomping at the Bit for Season 4

It’s no secret by now that fans have grown impatient in their wait. And if it was, the comments above surely clear that up. But it’s not just us fans chomping at the bit for a release date. Yellowstone‘s young Tate Dutton actor, Brecken Merrill, is as eager for Season 4 as we are, too!

Recently, Merrill offered a fantastic update featuring Forrie J. Smith to attempt a sort of truce. Did it work? Decide for yourself below!

Regardless, Brecken Merrill and Lloyd’s Forrie J. Smith are always good for a smile. Such was the case Sunday, when the Tate Dutton actor told fans the following on his official Instagram:

“It’s Sunday, and I know we’re all wanting #yellowstoneseason4,” Yellowstone‘s youngest star says within. “I can’t tell ya when it will start, but I can give you a little something to tide you over,” he promises. As for said promise, Merrill says he will “post a #bts photo” from his “Yellowstone adventures over the years… Every Sunday until Season 4!”

It’s no release date, sure, but how’s that for a decent deal? Fans will continue to plea for the Season 4 premiere date no matter what – until it hits. So, at least Merrill’s Sunday promise is here for us in the meantime. He even delivers with his first post in his BTS series, which you can see here on Outsider!

Check out his great horseback shots of himself and Lloyd’s Forrie J. Smith right here.