‘Yellowstone’ TV Is ‘Ready To Go to Work’ After Updates about Taylor Sheridan’s New Projects

by Joe Rutland

Apparently, “Yellowstone” cast members and crew are ready to get back to work after show creator Taylor Sheridan expands his workload.

On Wednesday, Sheridan said he will be creating three new series, a “Yellowstone” spinoff called “6666,” “Land Man” and “The Mayor of Kingstown,” for Paramount+.

As you may know, Paramount+ is where “Yellowstone” is tearing it up in the ratings. Kevin Costner plays John Dutton, the father of the Dutton clan. Also, Sheridan subsequently has a “Yellowstone” prequel, “Yellowstone: 1883,” on his plate.

Most importantly, it didn’t take too long for the “Yellowstone” family to react on Twitter.

They said, “And the Taylor Sheridan universe just got bigger! Let’s go to work!”

‘Yellowstone’ Family Watches Sheridan Add To Work Load

“The Mayor of Kingstown” is a collaborative effort between “Yellowstone” creator Sheridan and director Antoine Fuqua. Jeremy Renner will be in the lead role. According to Paramount+, the show offers “a stark and brutal look at the business of incarceration.”

“It’s a look at America’s greatest failures encapsulated in one city,” Sheridan said. “This town is dying and is completely dependent upon the prison system.”

In addition, he said what’s taking place is just a mirror of “the disintegration of the family.”

“Land Man,” Sheridan said, is “about the oil boom and bust in West Texas. It really focuses on greed. The very best and the very worst of man, of humanity.”

Obviously, Sheridan said that “Land Man” and its plot “is a story worth telling and exploring.”

‘Yellowstone’ Sets Its ‘6666’ Series In The Lone Star State

“Yellowstone” fans, in addition to all that, can get ready for another new show in “6666.” Four Sixes Ranch, which is in Texas, is the basis for the third Yellowstone series coming courtesy of Paramount+.

Why Texas? Well, listen up. The Lone Star State is the heart and soul of the United States’ ranch history.

This dates back to the formation of American cattle branding to modern ranching itself.

The second spinoff’s title, 6666, comes from a real-life, beyond-legendary Texas ranch.

Four Sixes Ranch spans across 260,000 acres in Texas.

It pretty much encompasses an entire county.

6666 states on their official website that it is located near Guthrie, Texas. The 6666 dedicates itself “to the production of the finest American Quarter Horses and Angus cattle in the country.

To sum it all up, Taylor Sheridan is going to be one busy dude. The “Yellowstone” cast is ready to get back to work.