‘Yellowstone’ TV: The ‘Real Dutton Ranch’ Drops Gorgeous Pic That’s Only Missing ‘Beth Dutton and a Bottle of Wine’

by Thad Mitchell

Among the most popular shows on television, Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” will make its triumphant return this fall.

Despite being off the air for over a year now, “Yellowstone” continues to build on its massive fan base. It is a fan base that continues to grow as more and more people discover the modern western drama. A big reason for the show’s rapidly increasing popularity is its accurate portrayal of the cowboy culture. Not everyone is familiar with the western style of cattle ranching and “Yellowstone” gives us a glimpse of it.

Once watchers discover the show’s authenticity of delivery, they are hooked on the show just like the rest of us. We simply cannot get enough of the modern western yumminess that is “Yellowstone.”

“Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan goes the extra mile to ensure an authentic experience for the viewer. We have all heard the tales of “cowboy school” that Sheridan put the actors through. A few of the show’s actors, such as Forrie J. Smith and Hassie Harrison, grew up with the cowboy culture. The show’s designers and decorators focus on every small detail to make Yellowstone Ranch look like a real cattle ranch.

A big part of that authentic feel to the show is its filming location. “Yellowstone” does most of its work on an actual real-life ranch. Montana’s Chief Joseph Ranch provides the beautiful backdrop for the show — and we mean beautiful. The ranch recently took to social media to show off some of that beauty and share it with “Yellowstone” fans. Just take a look at this wonderful sunset over the mountains photo shared by the ranch.

‘Yellowstone’ Filming Site is Fully of Beauty

“All this picture is missing is Beth Dutton and a bottle of wine,” the Instagram post proclaims.

No, it isn’t paradise that you are seeing in the photo — but it may be pretty close. Just look at that sun peeking out from behind the rolling hills. The clouds distort the sunlight in almost every direction and it looks like beams coming from the heavens.

Numerous members of the “Yellowstone” cast, including Kevin Costner, have noted how beautiful the Montana backdrop is. Fans of the show certainly agree with many thanking the Chief Joseph Ranch for sharing the photo.

“So wonderful,” a fan says of the photo. “I love the ranch and all the nature around. It is so beautiful and I hope to see a season five and more from Yellowstone.”

“Yellowstone” will return this fall after wrapping up season four filming earlier this year. There are many questions that fans have as we are quickly approaching the new season. We will have to wait a little longer for the answers to our burning questions.