‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Real Dutton Ranch Posts Cryptic Rock Stack Pic, Asks If Fans Expect ‘Calm’ or ‘Violence’

by Katie Maloney

What does the new season of Yellowstone hold for the Duttons? The real-life ranch where the show is filmed asked the same question in its latest post.

Season three of Yellowstone left us all with a lot of questions. Namely, what will happen to the Duttons? Although we won’t have the answers until season four premieres this summer, we can all take some guesses. Chief Joseph Ranch, the ranch where Yellowstone is filmed, posed a question for fans. They shared a photo of a pile of stones in front of the Yellowstone ranch.

Along with the photo, the ranch wrote, “Tranquility and calm on the ranch. Will this carry over into Season four or will the violence of Season three spill over? What are your predictions?”

Fans Debate Peace Or Violence On The Yellowstone Ranch

Fans quickly weighed in on the topic and shared both their hopes and their predictions for the new season of Yellowstone. On fan wrote, “Hopefully see Beth walk out of that bombing Also a wedding. Most of all I want to see season 5 get picked up.” Multiple commenters agreed that they would like to see a Beth and Rip wedding in season four.

However, other fans predicted less joyful events this season. On fan wrote, “Oh it’s going to get gnarly, we also have a much bigger branded crew.” Another fan agreed and wrote, “Taylor isn’t the guy to give us tranquility and calm. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Another fan reflected on the way the family reacted the last time a member was threatened on Yellowstone. “When Tate was kidnapped, we all saw the family band together and the storm left no survivors….. That will be minor compared to what will happen next!”

Another fan just came up with an entirely new show. They wrote, “Beth survives, marries Rip & becomes a model for Boot Barn after they adopt a bunch of kids. Kaycee survives, takes over the ranch & becomes Governor. As First Lady, Monica is put in charge of hunting down child traffickers which then spins off into another tv series. John survives & puts Jamie (who dies from CoVid) in a kayak and sends him down the river. They all decide to stop ranching and grow weed instead. Tate grows up and becomes POTUS. The End.”

The Pile Of Stones And Their Significance

If we know anything it’s that nothing happens by coincidence on Yellowstone. And we can only guess that the same is true for everyone involved with the show including Chief Joseph Ranch. So, that pile of stones has us wondering, is that a clue about season four?

The way we see it, the stones could have two different meanings. First, the stones could represent peace and tranquility. After all, balancing stone piles is considered a spiritual practice. For years people have patiently piled stones, each one representing a thought of gratitude or a wish. If that’s not zen, we don’t know what is. So, could that pile of balancing stones mean a break from the usual Dutton chaos? Could it mean a season of wedding bliss and family reconciliations?

Or, does the pile of rocks represent tombstones? In their rawest form, tombstones are just big rocks. So, could the pile of stones in front of the Yellowstone ranch signify the end to countless characters on the show? In the end, we can only speculate. But we’re definitely hoping for some answers come season four.