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‘Yellowstone’ TV: The ‘Real’ Ranch Posts Gorgeous Pic After Getting ‘Surprise’ Spring Snowfall

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

“Just when we thought spring had sprung…” says Chief Joseph Ranch, a.k.a. the “real life” Yellowstone Ranch, while sharing this snowy May 20 photo.

If you’re ever around Darby, Montana, you’ve got to stop by Chief Joseph Ranch. This guest and working ranch in Western Montana doubles as the set of Paramount Network’s hit Yellowstone, and is every bit as gorgeous in real life as it is in Outsider’s favorite show.

Travelers to the area in late May, however, may be a bit surprised to see the famous ranch blanketed with snow.

“Surprise! It snowed! ☃️” says Chief Joseph Ranch’s official Instagram on May 20. Montanans are far from strangers to snow, but going into late May this is rather unusual! Check out the gorgeous shot for yourself below, Yellowstone fans, before diving into the wonder that is Chief Joseph Ranch.

For those curious, MontanaKids.com states that Montana’s “heaviest snowfall occurs between November and March, but heavy snowstorms can occur as early as mid-September or as late as early May in the higher southwestern part of the state.”

Chief Joseph Ranch Brings ‘Yellowstone’ To Life

Snow or no snow, there is no Yellowstone without the historical treasure that is Chief Joseph Ranch.

Originally built for William Ford in the early 1900s, Chief Joseph Ranch is known for its enormous, stunning white barns – and the surrounding breathtaking views of Montana. Yellowstone fans immediately recognize the classically shaped white barns. The family’s ‘Y’ brand – a mixture of two separate historical brands – is added to the chief structure for filming. The show has become so popular, however, that CJR now leaves them up year-round. How’s that for some cultural impact, Taylor Sheridan!

Sheridan’s show centers around the Dutton’s homestead on their family-owned Yellowstone Ranch. Yellowstone is a fabrication for the show and is not a real, historic ranch. In fact, the Dutton’s house is a 5,000-square foot mansion located on Chief Joseph Ranch. The stunning Darby, Montana setting serves as the heart of Yellowstone, filling in for nearly every single Dutton-centric location: mansion, cabins, barns, bunkhouse, corrals, pens, stables, woods, cemetery, and all – right beside the Bitterroot River.

In addition, Chief Joseph takes reservations for guests to stay on the historic Western site. From it, visitors can view Trapper Peak’s iconic mountain silhouette, which is often on display in episodes of Yellowstone. The Bitterroot River Valley also sits at the ranch’s doorstep.

Have yourself a trip planned to Chief Joseph Ranch yet, Yellowstone fans? Well now you know: best to wait ’til summer if you want snow off the table.