‘Yellowstone’ TV Reflects on Legendary Moment from Beth and Rip Wheeler’s Relationship: ‘No Choice But to Stan’

by Jon D. B.

“Should try Zumba. Get that cardio up.” Relive the iconic second-first-date between ‘Yellowstone’s most stan-able couple right here.

“I don’t have the energy for you today,” Rip quips walking out of the barn. Honestly, Mr. Wheeler, we’re not sure anyone has the energy to keep up with Beth. But oh, would a thousand men try.

And here with the proof is ‘Yellowstone’s official Twitter account, lauding the Season 1 clip with the caption “we have no choice but to stan.”

Stan away, ‘Yellowstone.’ There’s no doubt that nearly every viewer in the show’s history is doing the same. Sure, these two may be incredibly destructive human beings. But that’s the beauty of fiction, isn’t it? We get to dive head-first into things that would ruin us in reality.

Case and point: Beth Dutton running straight for a pack of grey wolves as they devour an elk carcass near Yellowstone Ranch. This is far from something any sane human would do. Yet in the context of this classic Season 1 scene, it absolutely works. And if you’re struggling to stan these two wildly reckless individuals yourself, give the sequence another spin below and see if you still feel the same.

How Long Will Beth Survive in ‘Yellowstone’?

“You’re the craziest person I’ve ever met in my life. You know that?” Rip tells his love in the Twitter recap.

Hard to argue with that at times, Rip. With Beth being one of the drama’s most outspoken, cutthroat characters, there’s sure to be one hell of a reckoning headed the Dutton daughter’s way. Eventually.

In fact, ‘Yellowstone’ wants us to believe such a reckoning has already come. Just after her bombshell “Alamo” meeting with Willa Hayes, Beth received an actual bomb herself in the form of an explosive package. This insane Season 3 finale left fans wondering which Duttons would return for Season 4. And for all accounts, Beth feels the biggest question mark of them all.

For our part, however, we think Beth will be around for the long haul. She seems destined to “watch everything she loves die,” as we’re reminded in ‘Yellowstone’s clip above. She’s being “punished by God,” just like Rip, and destined to “suffer through it all.”

If anything, this means her tortured soul should be the last Dutton standing. If show-creator Taylor Sheridan’s trademark foreshadowing is to be believed, anyway. And Sheridan does love himself some ominous foreshadowing.

“Yeah, the end of season three is a big cliffhanger,” Beth actress Kelly Reilly told ScreenRant herself in a recent interview. “I’m not allowed to really say too much about whether or not I’m part of season four. In fact, I’m not allowed to say anything,” she revealed.

This doesn’t, though, mean Reilly won’t be around. In fact, we know the opposite.

Kelly Reilly was set in Montana as recently as February 13, 2021.And to our hopeful eyes, it is highly unlikely the actress would be in Montana amidst COVID-19 restrictions if they did not need her for filming. With this in mind, it’s all but a given that Beth Dutton survived the cataclysmic Season 3 finale. At least we hope so.

We’ll find out soon, as Season 4 unravels before us come Summer 2021.