‘Yellowstone’ TV Releases Virtual Tour of the Dutton Ranch: How to Take a Visit

by Jon D. B.

Want to walk the iconic Yellowstone Dutton Ranch from the comfort of your own home? Now you can, thanks to this fantastic virtual experience!

“Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the #YellowstoneTV Dutton Ranch, so we’re bringing it to you!” announces the show via their official Twitter Thursday. With the update, Yellowstone fans can now “use your smartphone or tablet to take a virtual trip to the ranch!”

It’s really as simple as it sounds. And after giving it the ol’ Outsider try for myself, I have to say it’s far more immersive than you’re expecting!

To take the virtual tour for yourself, you’ll want to visit: https://visitduttonranch.com from your smartphone. Or, click the link on your computer, then scan the QR code that pops up with your phone to bring it up automatically.

So What Exactly Is This Virtual Tour of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Like?

Once you’ve done so on your smartphone, the Dutton Ranch’s “iconic entrance” pops up for you to walk through. You’ll literally need to walk forward with your phone to enter the ranch through this portal of sorts.

Once “inside,” the beautiful white barns of Chief Joseph Ranch (the real-life Yellowstone) come into view. As you walk down the dirt path, the Dutton horses can be seen across from the barn.

At this point, I noticed the experience is a bit limited. Either that, or I didn’t have the space to walk while working in order to explore more of the ranch. From what I could see, however, it did seem as if the show’s name for this experience is aptly named.

Instead of calling this a “virtual tour,” like many National Parks can now offer, Yellowstone instead totes this as a “virtual trip.” Which is, after using it, far more apt, as there is no full “tour” experience to be had here. It’s more of a gimmick at this stage. But a fun one for fans, nonetheless!

For the Full Experience, You’ll Still Need to Visit Real-Life Chief Joseph Ranch

As a result, you’ll still need to visit the real-life Chief Joseph Ranch as a result. In reality, Chief Joseph operates as a true ranch under owner Shane Libel.

Libel and his family rent out Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby, Montana, for both stays and tours whenever Yellowstone isn’t filming. So it is completely possible to pay them a visit!

More specifically, the Libels “run the ranch as a guest ranch from June through August.” There, they “have hundreds of people come by and take photos of the Dutton Ranch sign – oftentimes through the gates,” he smiles.

And Libel loves every moment of it. So much so, in fact, that he leaves the signs up “all-year-round” for fans to see. It’s the exact same sign you’ll walk under for Yellowstone‘s new virtual experience.

But in the real world, Shane Libel says “We have a responsibility… I mean, we live here, we own this – but we really don’t own this… Because we’re just here until the next person we hand it off to [inherits it].”