‘Yellowstone’ TV: Relive the Emotional Scene When Rip Asks Lloyd to Be His Best Man

by Jon D. B.

Nothing says Yellowstone quite like watching one man’s man attempt to communicate with another man’s man. Relive the fantastic moment Rip asks Lloyd to be his best man in this official clip.

“I’m asking you,” Yellowstone quotes of the sequence to their official Twitter. Within, man’s man Rip Wheeler tries his hardest to ask fellow man’s man – Lloyd Pierce – a (gasp) emotional question. We now know, of course, what that question is. But this doesn’t make it any less entertaining, or painful/poignant, to watch.

Indeed, how does a ranch-hand-hit-man ask his fellow (insert same title here) to be his best man? Just like this. Relive the full scene below – one that’s well worth a revisit for any Yellowstone fan. Especially with Season 4 right around the corner:

‘Yellowstone’: Power Through Dialogue

“Thought you said you wanted some company?” Lloyd asks in the official clip, frustrated as the two men ride along in one of their Yellowstone pick-ups. Rip hasn’t said a word. His response isn’t even one.

“Mhmm…” one preoccupied Rip Wheeler grumbles.

“What for? We’ve been drivin’ for six hours and you ain’t said a f*ckin’ word,” Lloyd groans.

“Lloyd I’m tryin’ to choose my words,” Rip bites.

“Well shit, you shoulda’ been able to write the f*cking song by now,” his oldest friend responds. Another classic Lloyd Pierce line.

Finally, they reach their destination. “You old softie,” Lloyd smiles with a reference fans will know.

The two get down to business, leading their most temperamental of stallions out of their nice, shiny Yellowstone trailer. After a noting how hard the horse’s been kicking such a shiny new trailer, Lloyd finally witnesses Rip Wheeler opening up.

“I’m getting married,” the steely rancher says as he & Lloyd lead the horse out to pasture. Literally, not figuratively, for once.

“Yeah,” Lloyd laughs, “I’ve been wonderin’ what’s up with you lately.”

Rip takes several deep breaths. “I need a best man,” he continues, his gaze blocked by his trademark dark aviators.

“Kayce’s her brother. Fixin’ to be yours! You should ask him,” Lloyd advises from a kind heart with Beth in mind.

“Probably so. But I ain’t. I’m askin’ you,” Rip responds matter-o-factly.

The two hard-living men share a nod and a smile, and with that – all is understood. Or we think it is, at least.

These two could write a book on manly communication. And they probably should. “Rip & Lloyd: How to Ask a Man,” anyone? We’d buy it.