‘Yellowstone’ TV: Remembering the Epic Meeting That ‘Could Not Have Been an Email’

by Jon D. B.

“This meeting could NOT have been an email.” Truer words… Relive the Yellowstone Season 3 meeting that brought the roof down.

Raise the stakes? Raise the stakes. No one does it like Taylor Sheridan and the Yellowstone crew. This phenomenal Season 3 exchange proved it, too.

Chances are, Yellowstone fans know the scene just from the show’s prompt on Twitter Thursday. “This meeting could NOT have been an email” can only mean one thing: it’s all about to go down. And go down it does when the likes of John, Beth, and Jamie Dutton square off not only against one another, but head-to-head with Market Equities Willa Hayes and Roarke Morris. Thomas Rainwater and the Broken Rock representatives are in, too. Add Governor Perry for good measure and, well, you know exactly what happens. If you don’t, then prepare for some big ol’ Season 3 spoilers:

This scene often comes to mind for Yellowstone fans. Especially at Outsider. In the past, the show has referred to this standoff as putting “all the heavy hitters in one room.” And that it does.

“What could go wrong?” the show would also ask. A lot. A lot is the answer. Lines are drawn. Bridges are burnt. And tempers flare. You can see it in every set of eyes in the room.

‘Yellowstone’: ‘All The Heavy Hitters in One Room’

So it goes without saying that no email would’ve sufficed for this meeting. The entire fate of Yellowstone – and the Duttons – hangs in the balance in this one scene. In truth, we should be grateful to this scene for giving us a much better sense of the family’s hierarchy.

We’ve been led to believe that Beth Dutton holds the most trump cards when it comes to her father’s legacy. But not so. This showdown proves it is, in fact, her adopted brother Jamie who wields the mighty pen and sword.

Watching this play out is like a masterclass in American politics. Fictionalized, of course. No pawns are present here. Instead, it’s the rooks, knights, bishops, kings, and queens that come out to play.

In a single scene, we see every “heavy hitter” discover that Jamie Dutton is far from a pawn. In fact, he holds all legal power over his family’s ranch. The only thing saving him from his father reaching across the table for a good Dutton-style beat down is the fact that Governor Perry, his sometimes sweetheart, is seemingly to blame.

None of this, however, justifies Jamie’s self-serving nature by the end of Season 3. He’s been wildly mistreated, sure. But this black sheep is one that deals as much as he gets. Which is dangerous. Because as this scene shows – he is now potentially the most powerful Dutton of them all.

We can’t wait to see how the long-reaching aftermath of this scene plays out come Fall 2021 with Yellowstone Season 4.