‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Rip Have to Choose Between Saving Beth or John Dutton’s Lives?

by Halle Ames

If the sad day does come, who would Rip choose to save, John Dutton or Beth? Yellowstone fans battle it out.

Rip Wheeler came to the Dutton ranch as a runaway from a beaten home. His father killed both his little brother and mother before meeting his end from a scared Rip armed with a frying pan.

John Dutton Raised Him, But Beth Loved Him

After taking off from the scene, John Dutton took the boy in. He raises him to be a cowboy and a ranch hand, and a damn good one at that. Rip becomes as much a part of the Dutton family without sharing the name or blood.

Not only does he look up to John as the father he always wanted while constantly seeking his approval, but he also loves his only daughter, Beth.

Beth and Rip have always had a messy and toxic relationship, but we are here for it and rooting for them, anyway. As the only kids on the ranch, they grew close. In typical cliche fashion, he fell in love with the farmer’s daughter.

Eventually, she fell in love back, and the two planned to get hitched.

Rip has saved Beth’s life before. While being attacked in her office, the bad*ss cowboy took a few bullets to the chest to kill the men hurting the woman he loved.

Who Would Rip Save?

But if it came down to it, who would Rip save, the man that took him in and raised him, or the woman he plans to marry?

We assume he would save Beth. She is younger, they are going to get married, and frankly, she is in more danger.

Beth was in her office when her assistant opened a box that contained a bomb, which detonated. Her fate remains unknown at this time.

John Dutton, however, took a few bullets to the chest, but his cell phone saved him from a shot that would have pierced his heart. While seriously injured, John was at least alive and breathing… for now.

So. Many. Questions.

Rip was seen in his car, frantically calling each member of the Dutton family. The only one that answered and was not a part of the assassination attempts was Jamie, who cryptically told him not to call anymore.

Rip pulls over to the side of the road to access a situation that involves an injured and dying horse. And then boom. End of the season.

Who will he save? Who can he save? Will anyone survive? Who did it?

We have so many unanswered questions and have picked apart each sentence, glance, and motive piece by piece, yet here we are. Waiting for season four to air in June of 2021.

Stand by for possible tears.