‘Yellowstone’ TV: Rip Wheeler Actor Cole Hauser Explains What it’s Like Acting While Riding a Horse

by Thad Mitchell

One of the many breakout stars of “Yellowstone,” Cole Hauser is climbing the Hollywood ranks for his great performance.

On “Yellowstone” Hauser plays the all-around bada** Rip Wheeler to near perfection. Rip wears many different hats while working on the ranch. He is the leader of the bunkhouse crew that works a large number of cattle residing on the ranch. He’s proven to be a capable cowboy and leader through the first three seasons of the Paramount Network series. Away from the ranch, however, is where the true value of Rip Wheeler can be found. As the enforcer for the Dutton family, Rip is often charged with doing away with their enemies. Unafraid to get his hands dirty, Rip goes to great lengths to ensure his adoptive family is safe.

As a cowboy, Rip can often be found atop a horse wrangling cattle or chasing down some bad guys. Not too familiar with horse riding, Hauser and other cast members received some training. The “cowboy school” was the idea of “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan. After learning to ride a horse, Hauser and company had to learn how to act while riding a horse. In a recent interview, Hauser says it was a challenge he happily embraced.

“When you’re thinking about having to move reins and your feet and where they are…that is something you want to be secondary,” he says of the experience. “A lot about riding a horse is not about yanking its head around. It’s about using your feet and pressure points and making sure they understand.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Learns to Act While Riding

The “Yellowstone” star then acknowledges he got to work with some “really great horses” on set.

“I’ve gotten three amazing horses,” he says in giving credit where it is due. “They are big bay horses. It’s just been a joy to work with.”

It may not be long until Cole Hauser is back up on the horse again. Earlier in the same interview, he says Sheridan is already working on the season five script. He also notes filming for a fifth season could begin this month.

“Taylor is working on it right now and I think we will be back sometime in July,” he says. “I’m looking forward to getting back to Montana. Season five is going to be just wonderful, especially the way we end season four. I can’t give too much away but I think the audience will be happily surprised.”

It’s music to the ears of “Yellowstone” fans who are anxiously awaiting the show’s return for a fourth season this fall. The announcement of a fall premiere was made just last week. Producers also put out a new teaser trailer that quickly grabbed the attention of the show’s robust and loyal fan base.