‘Yellowstone’ TV: Rip Wheeler Actor Cole Hauser Reveals His Favorite Character on the Series

by Jon D. B.

As part of this Virtual Happy Hour sit-down, Yellowstone fan favorite Cole Hauser dishes on who his favorite – or favorites – are when it comes to the show.

No one does it like Rip Wheeler, and it’s all because the actor behind him, Cole Hauser, has proven such a force of nature. There’s no one else like Rip on television – or, at least, no other actor is able to pull off what Hauser does in the role. His many facets of the ranch-hand-turned-hit-man feel effortless. It’s not lost on audiences for a single scene, either.

Celebrating this, Kathryn Hall of Hall Wines hosted an interview with the man himself earlier this year. The pair discuss much of Season 3’s fallout, without much touching on the hotly-anticipated Season 4. As such, an undeniable highlight comes as Hall takes a fan question for Cole Hauser which asks:

“Who is Cole’s favorite character (other than Rip) on Yellowstone?”

“God, they’re going to get me in trouble if I answer that one,” Hauser laughs, right off the bat. “But all of [the characters], from Jimmy to Lloyd… Obviously Beth, because I work a lot with [Kelly Reilly]. Kevin [Costner], I work a lot with,” he offers carefully with a smile.

Kathryn Hall hosts actor Cole Hauser on Facebook and YouTube Live.

Virtual Happy Hour with Cole Hauser

He even throws in not one, but two mentions for Wes Bentley (with another following), which may surprise the many Jamie Dutton loathers out there.

“I’ll answer it this way,” the Yellowstone icon pauses. “It’s really wonderful to play somebody who has the opportunity to go and kind of be a part of the bunkhouse and be with them as actors, and be able to then navigate the Beth and Rip relationship, as well,” he says.

Hauser adds that to “also be able to go and sit in the dining room in the Dutton house and talk with Kevin” as John Dutton is a true treat. It’s one he doesn’t take for granted, either.

“They’re all different, and they’re all fantastic”

To this end, the actor says of his own breakout Yellowstone role that Rip “has this great ability to go around and be with everybody. Even Luke Grimes and Wes Bentley over the seasons,” he says of the actors behind Dutton brothers Kayce and Jamie.

In short: “To be able to interact with each and every facet of the show” is by far his favorite part of working on Yellowstone.

“Rip is one of those guys that has had the opportunity to do that. And each and every one of them I love,” he offers of his main co-stars. “They’re all different, and they’re all fantastic.”

“That’s my answer,” Hauser laughs.

So if you’re looking for a clear-cut answer on Cole Hauser’s favorite Yellowstone character, well, the actor himself says there isn’t one. But if we were to assign, it would clearly be: The Duttons.