‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Rip Wheeler’ Actor Cole Hauser’s Sweetest Family Photos

by Thad Mitchell

On hit television series Yellowstone, Cole Hauser plays the rough and rugged cowboy Rip Wheeler to perfection.

Rip is a fan favorite among the Yellowstone faithful for fierce loyalty to the Dutton family and his tendency to pick fights — which he most often wins. Rip is also a very complex character, making Hauser’s job all the more tougher. The brute serves as the muscle behind the powerful Dutton family often doing away with their enemies.

Hauser has also shown us Rip’s softer side from time to time. Rip shows true emotions only around the people on the ranch he trusts the most. That would be John Dutton, ranch hand Lloyd, and his fiancee, Beth Dutton. One particular scene that may have drawn a tear or two is when Rip asks Lloyd to be his best while they set a wild horse free.

Away from the set of the Yellowstone Ranch, Cole Hauser has a young and beautiful family. He often takes to social media to post photos of his loving family. Let us revisit some of Hauser’s most inspiring family photos.

The first photo was posted to Instagram late last year. In the pic, Hauser wishes his son Ryland a happy birthday.

“Happy 16th to my oldest boy!” The Yellowstone actor writes in the post’s caption. “Thank you my love for bringing this amazing young man into the world.”

Hauser tags his wife, Cynthia, in the post as well. Ryland is showing off his big catch as the family gets a little fishing time in. The Instagram post took in more than 36,000 “likes.” Hauser has another son named Colt.

Cole Hauser Shares Quality Time With Family

The next photo shows how much Hauser is loved by the women in his life. His wife is a photographer and former actress. His youngest child and only daughter, Steely Rose, is also in the pic.

“My girls have arrived,” Hauser says in the post. “@cynhauser #steelyrose soaking up all the love I can.”

The photo of the Yellowstone star getting a double kiss from his girls took more than 53,203 “likes” and hundreds of comments.

The third photo shows the entire Hauser family out and about to spend quality time together. Judging by the photo, the Hauser’s seem to enjoy the great outdoors and trips with their four dogs.

“Morning Walk through the Utah Mountain with the entire family,” Cole Hauser says.

The social media post shows the entire Hauser gang — Ryland, Colt, Steely Rose and Cynthia — hiking through a Utah mountain range. It took in more than 11,000 likes.

Yellowstone Fans Wonder What’s in Store for Rip

With Yellowstone currently on hiatus, it is a good time for the Hauser family to spend some quality time together. Filming for the fourth season is underway and Cole will have to transform back into the rough and rugged cowboy that we know and love.

Many Yellowstone fans wonder what’s in store for Rip as season four could take his character in several different directions. He is likely to go head-hunting once he discovers who attempts to kill the Dutton family at the end of season three. Revenge will weigh heavily on his mind when he discovers who tried to kill the love of his life, Beth Dutton.

Speaking of Beth, Yellowstone watchers are clamoring for a wedding this upcoming season. Presuming she survives the bombing attempt, she and Rip could tie the knot this season. A Yellowstone wedding would certainly make fans happy.

With season four set for a summer return, fans of the hit series know answers are on their way.