‘Yellowstone’ TV: Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton Dancing Under the Arena Light is Every Fan’s Dream Date

by Jon D. B.

“Forever swooning at this moment.” It doesn’t get any more romantic than this. Relive one of “Yellowstone’s most iconic moments as Beth & Rip finally get their slow dance.

Cue the swoons, indeed. Through all their highs and lows, the love story of Beth Dutton & Rip Wheeler is made what it is through phenomenal performances from the actors. Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly constantly make us fall in love with these two over and over again. Such is the case with this incredible Season 3 moment, in which Rip proves himself the ultimate romantic.

This sequence has become iconic for many reasons. Above all, however, it shines through Rip’s defying of Beth’s expectations.

As one does, the Dutton daughter is drunk, howling at the wolves forever hunting her family’s ranch borders. Rip is fully ready to decimate a few wild predators… And instead finds the love of his life wallowing in the dirt.

“We’re all alone, Rip. We can do whatever we want!” Beth riles in her fervor.

“Baby you’ve been doing whatever you want your whole damn life,” Rip laughs.

“But no one can see us!” Beth smiles, out of breath. “We could take off all our clothes… We could go run naked through the field… No one would know about it.”

WATCH: Rip & Beth Have the Ultimate ‘Yellowstone’ Dance

Rip, however, has a completely different idea. After an adorable, heartfelt tirade from Beth, the grizzled cowboy knows exactly what he wants to do with her in this moment. And for fans watching for the first time, no one could’ve expected what came next. It’s a brilliant sequence and shows “Yellowstone”s two best characters at the height of their romance. Suffice to say, what plays out is now every Western fan’s dream date. And why shouldn’t it be? These two finally get a perfect moment – just the two of them. And it’s one that will go down as the most romantic of the entire series to date. Relive Beth & Rip’s slow dance below, courtesy of “Yellowstone”s official Twitter:

“We’re f*cking in the dirt, aren’t we?” Beth smirks.

“Maybe in a little bit…. First we’re going to dance,” Rip replies, stalwart.

The look on Beth’s face as he takes her hand is what Hollywood love is made of. Thankfully, “Yellowstone” Season 3 let these two finally embrace one another fully. They even become engaged! After a long and difficult courtship, that is. If you can even call it that. This is, obviously, a massive milestone and out of character for these two hard-edged loners.

But it’s also wholly infuriating. We don’t even know if Beth will survive into Season 4! And if she does, how long will she make it after? How long will Rip make it? For far more on their love story, and this scene, Outsider has you covered.