‘Yellowstone’ TV: Rip Wheeler Knows Teeter Is a ‘Perfect’ Fit in Latest Post

by Jon D. B.

“Teeter, you are perfect,” says Yellowstone Monday via their official Twitter. Fans of the show know immediately where this leads – and it’s to one of the absolute best additions of Season 3.

When John Dutton sent Rip out to secure a new ranch hand, he had some pretty telling stipulations.

“Last thing I need is a love-struck cowboy,” JD tells his right-hand-man, before telling Rip a lady ranch hand has to be either “Ugly or mean… One of the two.”

With a “yes sir” and a smile, Rip takes off. Little did Rip or John (or Lloyd, or anyone, for that matter) know, however, that the top pick would end up as one of Yellowstone‘s most outlandishly brilliant additions.

Upon their hilarious, expletive-filled first meeting, Teeter doesn’t hesitate to put Lloyd in line. It’s one of the rare instances where we see Rip Wheeler do nothing but smile.

“She’s perfect. Trust me. Hire her,” he passes down to Lloyd. The veteran rancher then gets the unenviable task of wrangling Teeter, i.e. a tornado in human form.

Yet Teeter as we know her would not exist without actress Jen Landon. Landon, daughter to television royalty Michael Landon, has an incredible small-screen resume herself. Yellowstone, however, has catapulted her to a whole new ballgame with her fantastic character work as Teeter.

‘Yellowstone’s Jen Landon ‘Knocked it Out of the Park’ as Teeter

“There was a line that, if they were gonna get a girl, she needed to be ugly or mean,” Jen Landon herself states via Paramount’s Teeter featurette. “And then they saw me somehow, and they said: ‘Perfect!” she laughs.

Jen Landon is, of course, an absolutely gorgeous human, just like her late father. Yet as Teeter, she slips into a fascinating Outsider of a cowgirl who does anything but rely on her looks. Yellowstone mastermind Taylor Sheridan had this in mind while writing the character, too, and was so excited by Landon’s audition tape for the role that he began showing it to other cast members.

Apparently, Landon absolutely nailed the “phonetically written,” heavy-Texas-draw Teeter sports. But for the actor, it’s as simple as “she just speaks the way her family speaks!”

“She opens up a whole new avenue, there,” Lloyd actor Forrie J. Smith says of Landon. “The first day, man, she just knocked it out of the park!”

For Landon, however, the actor says she “just felt excited and honored to join a show where women really – for lack of a better term – have life by the balls.”

There is no better term, Jen Landon. You nailed it. And as Yellowstone, Rip, and us Outsiders think – you’re damn “perfect.”

Watch the full Paramount featurette on Jen Landon’s Teeter below, and get even more excited for this summer’s Yellowstone Season 4:

Jennifer Landon is headed to the Dutton Ranch with plans to shake up life in the bunkhouse. Once you meet Teeter, your life will never be the same. Here, the cast teases the new face coming to the ranch on Yellowstone, summer’s No. 1 drama.

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