‘Yellowstone’ TV: Rip Wheeler Looks Cowboy-Cool in Season 1 Snap ‘Just Because’

by Thad Mitchell

As we patiently, or impatiently in some cases, wait for a new season, Yellowstone producers are providing fans with a little teasing.

It might not be much but Yellowstone fans will take whatever we can get until the fourth season arrives. Fanatics of the Paramount Network series are counting down the days until our television sets grace us with new episodes. The fourth season of the modern western drama expects to premiere this summer, likely in the month of June. Until then, Yellowstone producers are doing their best to curb the Montana ranch-size appetite of the show’s massive fan base.

Yellowstone’s social media accounts have been active lately as they prepare to launch an ad campaign promoting season four. On Wednesday, the show’s Instagram page shared a photo of one of the show’s biggest stars. They don’t say why they put up the photo of actor Cole Hauser, but do you really need a reason to check out Rip Wheeler? The answer to that question from Yellowstone loyalists is a resonating “no” and a “thank you” for the effort.

“Some season 1 Rip, just because,” Yellowstone officials write in the post’s caption. The photo shows actor Cole Hauser as the ever-popular Rip Wheeler in his usual all-black, cowboy style.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Clamor for More Rip Wheeler

Hauser’s popularity as Rip is evident by the attention given to a simple photo of the actor in character. The Wednesday post took in nearly 50,000 “likes” in a matter of hours. It also took in hundreds of comments from Yellowstone fans who are eager to see Rip Wheeler return in the upcoming new season.

Yellowstone fans are excited to see Rip’s character progression through season four as there are a couple of ways it could go. With his adopted family under attack at the end of last season, many expect to see Rip hit the warpath to avenge the attack. Others, including a few of Hauser’s co-stars, believe we could see the cowboy’s softer side evolve.

With his portrayal of the rough and tough Rip, Hauser has become a household name. He plays the fierce Dutton Family enforcer to near perfection and his story arc is one of the tops on the show.

One thing is for sure — Yellowstone fans can’t wait for season four to arrive and the premiere grows closer by the day.