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‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Rip Wheeler Quote You Missed That Might Suggest He’s Going to Kill Jamie

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom_)

Could Rip Wheeler be planning another trip to the train station for John Dutton’s adopted son, Jamie?

Don’t lie. We have all thought about it at least once during season three. Jamie is sketchy, and Yellowstone fans are not exactly sure where his loyalties lie, especially after discovering that he isn’t really a Dutton at all but a Randall.

Jamie Dutton’s birth father, Garrett Randall, is a felon charged with the murder of his mother. As Garrett said to Jamie when he came to meet him, murder runs in their blood. He even asks Jamie if he has killed a person like it was a simple question about going to the grocery store.

In fact, Jamie has murdered a person with his bare hands. The reporter, Sarah Nguyen, met her end when the lawyer strangled her for trying to publish a story in season two of Yellowstone.

Reddit Points Out Yellowstone Quote

A fan on Reddit points out that maybe Jamie will stop terrorizing everyone when Rip Wheeler finally finishes the job. Rip has hinted towards it in a car ride with Jamie. Is it possible? Beth would probably be all for it.

“Remember when Jaimie and Rip were driving back after Jaimie (sic) sent the reporter into the river?” wrote Bottiblue on Reddit. “Rip said to him, ‘You know Jamie, at some point, the only way to get rid of the mess is to get rid of you. Don’t put me in that position.’ Is that conversation with Rip something Jaimie (sic) is alluding to when at the end of season three, Jaimie tells Rip to no longer call him? I just watched that scene in ‘Blood the Boy’ where the end is the deer hunt.”

While Jamie isn’t the only person on Yellowstone’s Dutton Ranch that has gone rogue, just about everyone has blood on their hands.

If you don’t remember, at the end of season three, Rip Wheeler is frantically calling Kayce, John, and Beth, all of who conveniently were just in assassination attempts. When Rip calls up Jamie, the lawyer has chosen his side, and it is not with the rest of his family. He informs Rip that she should not call him anymore. Sketchy.

Does this mean he could be responsible for the attacks? You decide.

Season four of Yellowstone is set to premiere in summer of 2021. Start dusting off your cowboy hats.