‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Rip Wheeler Scene That Still Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” actor Cole Hauser’s portrayal of tough guy cowboy Rip Wheeler is one of the highlights of the popular show.

With his loyalty to the Dutton family and grit to take on all threats, Rip is one of the show’s big fan favorites. Throughout the show’s three seasons, Rip continuously displays toughness and commitment and definitely isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty.

As Yellowstone Ranch Foreman, he rules the ranch with an iron fist, commanding a capable cowboy army. He is also something of a “fixer” for the Dutton family going to great lengths to defend the ranch. Through three seasons he has been involved in several fights and usually comes out victorious. He also isn’t above murder if it comes down to protecting the Duttons or Yellowstone Ranch.

We have also seen a softer side to Rip — especially in the last season of the Paramount Network hit series. He doesn’t show that side of his personality often so getting a glimpse of his soft side is a real treat for viewers. The last season saw him get engaged to Beth Dutton, his longtime love. Unable to muster the courage to ask her father, Yellowstone Ranch Owner John Dutton, Beth instead proposes to him.

Yellowstone Fans Hope to see More of Rip’s Softer Side

One particular scene last season really reveals Rip’s emotional side. Needing a wedding ring to give to Beth, he turns to the one person he wishes could’ve been there for him — his mother. But Rip’s mother has been dead for several years. He pays a worker to exhume her body and after a short conversation, takes the ring from her finger to give to Beth. It is a highly emotional scene that likely drew tears for several viewers.

While it struck an emotional chord with many viewers, some fans on Reddit didn’t particularly love it. One user calls it “corny” and unrealistic. It would be easy to dismiss the poster but the person makes some solid points.

“Just corny and unrealistic in a show that doesn’t normally do that stuff,” the Reddit user says. “First of all the premise is ridiculous for obvious reasons…exhuming a body to take the wedding ring? C’mon.”

The Reddit poster, claiming to be a former cemetery worker, says exhuming a body isn’t easy work and the body is often in less than pristine shape.

It does seem like an extravagant action for a wedding ring though the purpose of the scene is to provide insight into Rip’s character.

Yellowstone fans hope for a happy union for Rip and Beth in season four. With the new season now only months away — answers are coming soon.