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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Rip Wheeler Going to Make a Shocking Discovery About Jamie When It’s Too Late?

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Will Rip Wheeler discover Jamie Dutton’s innocence after it is too late? Yellowstone season four has everyone on the edge of their seats.

In the final minutes of Yellowstone season three, three attacks were carried out on Dutton family members.

Quick Synopsis

Beth’s assistant opened a box containing a bomb with Beth standing just feet away.

Kayce had a group of armed assassin’s enter his office and open fire.

John was helping a woman and her son change their tire on the side of the road when a car drives by and opens fire on them.

None of their fates are sealed yet, and Yellowstone fans are desperate for answers.

Who Carried Out the Attacks?

Also, in the last episode, every enemy of the Dutton family has made threats or insinuated they would kill the group.

Greed is a powerful thing.

In the last scene in Yellowstone season three, Rip Wheeler is driving down the road, trying to get in touch with Beth, John, and Kayce, obviously oblivious to the situations that have unfolded. He finally dials Jamie, who tells Rip not to contact him anymore. Super cryptic and sketchy.

So far, the list of possible suspects includes Jamie Dutton, Market Equities, which means Willa Hayes and Roarke Morris, or Thomas Rainwater and his lawyer Angela Blue Thunder.

While all have a motive and probably the stomach to take out a whole family, we feel as though, and this is just our Outsider opinion, that Market Equities orchestrated the attacks. They had the most to gain in the deal.

What If Rip Wheeler Gets There First?

However, what happens if Rip Wheeler assumes it was Jamie after the odd phone call and kills him before the real culprit is found.


Jamie may be evil, but we do not think he has the stomach to kill the people that raised him. Especially Kayce. Jamie and Kayce were the only two still on very good terms.

Rip Wheeler, however, has come from a troubled past littered with death, so if he took out Jamies, we don’t feel as though Rip would lose much sleep over the matter.

Reddit users weigh in on the series of events that could play out.

“Unfortunately, Rip’s short temper will cloud his mind and make him think that Jaime was behind the attacks. Same goes with Beth when she’s conscious. And Beth’s pure hatred for Jaime will prevent her from understanding that Jaime would never murder his own family.’

Regardless of what we think or anyone’s speculations, Taylor Sheridan is sure to throw us a curveball prior to the release of season four on Paramount in June. Should we get out our calendar yet and start counting down the days, or is that a bit premature?