‘Yellowstone’ TV: Ryan Bingham Gets Custom Chaps Made for Role of Walker

by Kayla Zadel

Ryan Bingham unexpectedly has a cult following on the hit western drama “Yellowstone.” Bingham has captured the audience with his good looks and cowboy ways.

As a matter of fact, Bingham went all-in on the role of playing Walker in “Yellowstone.” The real-life cowboy and musician enlisted 2T Ranch Co. to hand-make him a pair of chaps.

‘Custom chaps made for @ryanbingham_official,” the caption reads. Bingham even shared the post to his Instagram stories,

Ryan Bingham’s Custom Made Western Clothing For ‘Yellowstone’

The first post is a video of the custom chap maker showing off the chaps. The person modeling the western wear spins around, showing off the handy work. The leather is a light tan and embellished with a conche on each side.

As a matter of fact, the person in the video says, ‘bucked stitched, zippers on both legs’ and there’s also fringe lining the edge of each side on the leg.

“Amazing work!!😍,” “Nice🔥” and Dammnnn this is amazing work my dudes!!!! 🔥” are just a few comments about the custom-made chaps from “Yellowstone” fans.

What Are Chaps?

Now if you’re not sure what chaps, we’ll break it down for you. First of all, the pronunciation of this type of clothing is “shaps.” But sometimes it depends on who you ask, and what part of the country you’re in. Additionally, some will say the longer variety is called “shaps” and the short ones, that hit above the knees are chaps.

Chaps actually are a traditional type of cowboy clothing that’s been carried on for years. You’ve probably seen this type of western accessory worn by cowboys, either working on a ranch or competing in the arena at a rodeo. There are long chaps and short chaps. It’s typically just what you prefer. They are buckled on over pants with a belt that’s part of the garment.

We’ll tackle the first reason why chaps are worn. This clothing, usually made of leather, is worn for protection. It prevents getting rope burns, burns from brands, and many other everyday happenings on a ranch. We often see the cast members of “Yellowstone” wearing chaps when they’re on horseback.

Chaps Are Part of a Uniform

Another instance when chaps are worn is to complete a certain outfit or “dress code” policy. Chaps are worn in the western show ring for all events, like reining, cutting, western pleasure, trail, horsemanship, etc. What’s more, if you think back to one of the last episodes in “Yellowstone” season 3, when John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is looking at reining cow horses, the riders are wearing chaps. However, they’re a bit fancier than the ones worn for everyday use.

Speaking of fancy chaps, these types of fancy pants are worn by cowboys competing in bareback, saddle bronc riding, and bull riding. Think back to when you see “Yellowstone” character Jimmy Hurstrom (Jefferson White) riding broncs.

Rodeo athletes wear them during these three events to actually help them get higher scores. The bigger the leg movements, and the flashier the chaps move and look, then the better score. Furthermore, a better score equals placing higher in the round and winning more money.