‘Yellowstone’ TV: How Ryan Bingham’s Character Walker Came to Be on the Paramount Series

by Halle Ames

We all remember how Walker came to be on the Dutton ranch. But how did the actor, Ryan Bingham, get to be on the show?

We first meet Walker in the first season as he is getting released from prison for killing a man in a bar fight. Rip sweet talks him into taking a job as a cowboy and ranch hand for the Yellowstone.

Walker is as insubordinate as they come. After continuously butting heads with Rip, the cowboy plans on taking him to the “train station.”

Lucky for Walker, Kayce grants him his freedom in secret.

Rip discovers Walker alive and well in the episode “I Killed a Man Today” in season three. The bad*ss enforcer brings Walker back to the Yellowstone ranch like a prisoner who tried to escape to freedom. He has been stranded on the property ever since.

How Ryan Bingham Became Walker

Ryan Bingham, the actor who plays Walker, thankfully didn’t find himself in the same situation when stumbling onto the set of Yellowstone.

As a singer and songwriter, he didn’t have much experience as an actor. However, Ryan Bingham and Yellowstone producer Taylor Sheridan met while Sheridan was creating a movie called Wind River. Sheridan requested that Bingham write a song for the film, but the singer revealed he hit a roadblock.

“I never seemed to come up with anything for the movies at that time that fit, but we always kept in touch and remained friends,” Bingham explained.

When the time came around that Taylor Sheridan began to write the script for Yellowstone, he reached out to Ryan Bingham once again.

“And when this show started up, he contacted me again about possibly writing some songs and using some of the songs that I already had.”

Further along in their blossoming relationship, Sheridan learned that the singer had a “history with rodeo and the cowboy thing.”

As if it was that simple.

Taylor Sheridan asked the 39-year-old New Mexico native to join the upcoming show as a cowboy.

“And so that’s how that all started,” Bingham said.

Ryan Bingham appeared in 13 episodes of the hit western drama series. He has also confirmed he would make an appearance in season four.

Things are kept under a pretty tight lock, and key and no spoiler have been released. However, fans wonder if Walker will live to see the end of the season or if Rip will get him.

Yellowstone season four is set to premiere in June of 2021. After almost a year of radio silence, the anticipation is killing us and fans everywhere.