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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Sarah Actress Michaela Conlin Shares What it Was Like Co-Starring Alongside Wes Bentley

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

The more “Bones” vet Michaela Conlin got to know her “Yellowstone” character, NYC reporter Sarah Nguyen, the faster she felt an untimely end coming on. Yet her character accomplishes a pretty remarkable arc in a relatively short six-episode span. And it all begins – and ends – with Jamie Dutton.

Seeing these cerebral to outright brutal scenes unfold between Conlin and Wes Bentley, the natural question for the actors is: how was that to film? According to Conlin, it was nothing but “lovely,” calling out Bentley and Rip Wheeler’s Cole Hauser specifically for their “funny and gracious” natures.

While speaking to Looper exclusively about her time on “Yellowstone,” the trade asks Michaela Conlin how working with Jamie’s Wes Bentley was before she can address it herself.

“Yeah. He was great. I mean, I was going to bring him up,” she offers. “Both him and Cole Hauser are just … They’ve been doing it for such a long time, and they’re so funny and gracious, and they’ve just been around.”

Genuinely strong praise from an actor with 12 seasons of the hit crime series “Bones” under her belt. No stranger to filming intense, gruesome, and traumatizing scenes, Conlin addresses that ending for her Sarah Nguyen, too.

And still, she says, “They were wonderful … I mean, to be strangled by somebody in the woods, I would choose Wes Bentley again. We were laughing before I was dying. So it was great.”

‘Yellowstone’s Michaela Conlin Has Nothing But Praise for Cast & Crew

This doesn’t mean, however, that Conlin wouldn’t have liked to see Sarah sleuth just a few more episodes – or full seasons – with Wes Bentley.

“I really would’ve liked to have seen her kind of really just get in there more with Jamie. It was such an interesting thing about her being a journalist and being able to sort of use that power over the family,” she continues to Looper. “So I probably would’ve liked to have seen that, for sure.”

Michaela Conlin is generous with her praise, too, extending it to the man responsible for the fulfilling dialogue and story for Sarah.

Taylor Sheridan‘s obviously so talented, and it was a great experience, that show,” she says of “Yellowstone”s co-creator, writer, producer, and sometimes director.

Her connection to Sheridan’s material was so strong, in fact, that Conlin felt her demise coming pretty early on.

“I mean, it’s funny because I feel like as soon as I knew that she was an antagonist for the Duttons, I was like, ‘Oh s*** … My time is limited. I don’t think this is going to go well,” she laments.

Or maybe she had simply watched enough “Yellowstone” to know how Sarah’s meddling was going to end.