‘Yellowstone’ TV Says Ranch Hands Are ‘Reporting for Duty’ in New Post

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone has its ranch hands at the ready with their latest Instagram post featuring series’ favorite Ian Bohen as Ryan.

Few look the part of a Hollywood ranch hand more than Ian Bohen. Yellowstone fans know Bohen as Ryan, the charismatic, but curiously lady-less bunker who now doubles as a Montana Livestock Agent. We’ve come to know Ryan quite well, too, as Bohen’s series recurring role has seen him featured in a whopping 27 episodes since the show began.

Having featured in nearly every episode, Ryan has become a staple of show’s brilliant ensemble. His close friendship with Jimmy, Colby, Lloyd, and others, has earned him the sort of family that goes beyond blood. To say we’re excited to see where these gents are headed in Season 4, too, is an understatement.

Now, Paramount is continuing to amp up fans for Season 4 with the series’ latest Instagram post featuring Bohen’s Rian. And from one cowboy to another, he’s looking mighty capable.

Yellowstone has Ryan ‘Reporting for Duty’

“Reporting for duty,” Yellowstone captions the photo of Bohen. Within, we see the actor portraying Ryan with a steely gaze. Moreover, his Livestock Agent badge takes a prominent place center-frame: something we’re sure will factor heavily into 2021’s Season 4 alongside his branding.

Ryan’s not going anywhere anytime soon, either. While the fate of most our favorite characters hangs in the balance after the Season 3 finale, this ranch hand in particular is here to stay. His fate is, after all, now sealed to Yellowstone Ranch – as viewers witnessed his intense branding before S3’s end.

A close friend and ally to his fellow bunkhouse ranch hands, Ryan’s fate was forever tied to Yellowstone when he became an accomplice to murder. Without spoiling for fans who haven’t made it into Season 3, it suffices to say that Ryan better get comfortable with his brand – and what it means to permanently wear the ‘Y’.

Such is the way for any who stick around this ranch long enough, it seems.

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