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‘Yellowstone’ TV: This Season 2 Finale Detail Has Some Fans Still Scratching Their Heads

by Kayla Zadel
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Super fans of the hit TV show are “in the process of watching ‘Yellowstone’ for the fourth time,” and they’re questioning one storyline as the second season comes to a close.

John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) grandson, Tate (Brecken Merrill), gets kidnapped while he’s under his watch. With some deductive reasoning, the Beck brothers, in season 2 are the ones behind the kidnapping. John’s son and Tate’s father, Kayce (Luke Grimes), comes up with a plan to get his son back.

However, according to “Yellowstone” viewers on Reddit, some things just don’t add up.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Question Details

This one “Yellowstone” fan posts a question in the thread, asking Malcolm Beck (Neal McDonough) was at the location where Tate was being kept.

“I’m in the process of watching Yellowstone for the fourth time. I just have one question which I feel like I should know,” u/yeetgangowo writes. “Why was Malcom [sic] Beck at the Millta camp in the first place?”

“As we’ve seen the Beck brothers don’t usually get there [sic] hands dirty too much and stay above it all. So I don’t understand why Malcolm if he knew some sort of retaliation was coming,” the fan continues.

This person continues to throw out various theories as to why Malcom Beck was at the house.

“At first I thought it was for protection as he Found Teal ( his brother) dead in the house. But he left before Kayce broke in so I thought he just didn’t come back yet. Then I thought it was to help with the transfer with Tate to the other camp even though he didn’t really need to be there if so. But Tate wasn’t even there so what was the reason he was there? I feel very dumb for not knowing this after my 4th watch,” the “Yellowstone” fan questions.

Why Was Malcolm Beck There?

Other fans share their opinions on why one-half of the Beck brothers seemed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“My guess is he maybe thought he’d be safe there with an entire militia behind him,” writes one person.

Another person believes that he sought out protection from the militia, as well. “I think because he lost the protection of the cops, he goes to the militia for it.”

This fan seems to be onto a whole different theory, “They should have let Malcolm live.”

As a matter of fact, there’s also been some speculation around the fact that “Yellowstone” viewers didn’t actually see Malcolm Beck die. John graciously leaves him in peace to take his last breath. However, it’s not one that’s captured on camera. Therefore, could Beck make a return to get revenge on the Duttons?

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