‘Yellowstone’ TV: Season 4 Trailer Promises ‘Revenge Is Worth the Wait,’ Here’s Why We Absolutely Believe It

by Halle Ames

Revenge is a dish best served hot. That’s why “Yellowstone” fans may have to wait a bit longer until the season four premiere.

You have to let it heat up. Nobody likes cold revenge.

The “Yellowstone” series has been teasing us for months now, promising a premiere that seems just out of reach. Like a mirage of water in the desert, but us and our television waiting on the Paramount channel.

Recently, the hit western series social media accounts posted a few new clips for the upcoming season. While one was a “trailer” that featured all old footage as well as one or two new clips, the other was more haunting. A cryptic video of a black and white rebranded Yellowstone “Y” with eerie music and crows flying around. What does this mean? All signs point to death, but whose is still the question.

“Yellowstone season Four: Revenge is Worth the Wait.”

But why do we fully believe that Yellowstone season four will keep its promise?

‘Yellowstone,’ We Have Questions.

Between the dramatic cliffhangers and unpredictable characters, as well as the new casting additions, there will be endless drama for the Dutton family and beyond. Heck, all of Montana may burn to the ground pretty soon.

Will Beth, Kayce, and John Dutton all survive their attacks? Will anyone? Who did it? Was it numerous people? What kind of revenge-killing spree is in store for Rip and the other cowboys? Is Jimmy okay? Is he paralyzed? Does Mia leave him for it? Will he get back on the horse if he lives? Will the ranch be sold? Does Market Equities build their beloved airports? What about Jamie? He does come crawling back like the worm he is? Is he a double agent? What about the new casting addition? Will they replace the current characters, or will they be much-needed additions to the show? What does the new “Y” mean in the Yellowstone logo? Will any new enemies rear their ugly heads? How about the old ones?

Finally, what is in store for the future of the “Yellowstone” ranch, which has been in the Dutton family for generations?

As we said, the questions to the massive cliffhangers are endless. How can season four not live up to our already high standards? Taylor Sheridan has only let us down once before, and it was on a release date, which only indicates it will be sometime in the fall. As for the series itself, there is nothing but cowboy love on this end.

However, with fall spanning over three months, it’s hard to pin down which brisk sweater weather day will finally air “Yellowstone.” All we can be for sure about is that season four is set up to be the best one yet.