‘Yellowstone’ TV: Season 4 Trailer Shows Dutton Rancher Hanging, But Who Is It?

by Jon D. B.

Every. Body. Pays. One Yellowstone rancher has met an unfortunate fate by hanging in the Season 4 trailer. Could it be a fan-favorite?

The gripping Yellowstone Season 4 trailer is here, and it’s holding a whole lot of secrets to unfurl. One shocking scene, in particular, shows a ranch hand hanging from a Dutton paddock. There’s no life in their limbs, either, so perhaps we should be using the past tense: hanged.

But who, exactly, could be hanging from the Dutton’s central paddock? Could it be a fan favorite? Let’s break down the split-second scene.

Right at the 29-second mark (which we’ve set the trailer at for you below), the quick glimpse shows several ranchers running for their lives while one has met their maker already. Or so it seems.

Look closely, and you’ll see the rancher in question dangling from the paddock rafter to the right-hand side of the shot. As they do, we see several others making a break for it. Outsider has identified each of these runnin’ cowboys, which gives us a much better idea of who could have been hanged.

Are you ready for this? The countdown continues. The highly-anticipated season 4 of Yellowstone will premiere on November 7, 2021, with a special two-hour event, exclusively on Paramount Network.

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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Trailer: Who’s Hanging, and Who’s Survived?

After re-watching the scene countless times, four lead ranchers are present fleeing the scene, each branded. They are:

  • Colby (Denim Richards) out front jumping the fence in his signature tan jacket
  • Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) wearing a white denim shirt breaking for left frame
  • Ryan (Ian Bohen) heading for the fence behind Colby
  • and she’s hard to make out, but freeze-framing the scene show’s Teeter (Jen Landon) and her distinct pink hair under her ballcap directly behind Colby as he jumps the fence.

Through this, we at least know four fan-favorites who aren’t hanging. Yet when we think of these four ranchers, there’s always one youngster with them that we don’t see running away in the moment: Jimmy.

Could Jefferson White’s Jimmy Hurdstrom be the one hanging? He’s nowhere to be seen, and whoever’s been hanged is wearing clothes (plaid, jean jacket, dark wide brim) that we associate with the character.

Later in the trailer, however, we see Mia flip Jimmy over in the same clothes we left him in – lifeless – in the Season 3 finale. As such, it seems much more likely that Jimmy is elsewhere at this time, probably recovering from his last disastrous rodeo fall.

This assault on the Dutton Ranch also looks to take place directly during or after the assassination attempts at the end of Season 3. At the time, we see Jimmy wearing his signature backwards ballcap. So it’s highly unlikely that he’d have time to change from a baseball hat to a wide brim cowboy hat in his condition, let alone in this timespan. But stranger things have happened on Yellowstone

So who else could it be? The clothes and build don’t match Walker (Ryan Bingham), so we doubt it’s him, either. There’s plenty of less-familiar ranch hands around on Yellowstone, however. For now, it looks like the character may be a no-name put to death to raise the stakes of the scene. Or so we hope.

We’ll find out come Yellowstone Season 4’s premiere November 7.