‘Yellowstone’ TV: Series Creator Taylor Sheridan Reveals Season 4 Filming Wrapped

by Will Shepard

Nicole Sheridan, wife of “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan, announced on November 13 that Season 4 of “Yellowstone” has finished filming.

Sheridan shared a picture of her and her husband kissing in a horse barn. She’s happily surrounded by horses and cowboys with a big belt buckle and some chaps on as she announced the news.

Nicole captions the post: “Wrapped and home 💛Y💛 Congrats to the cast and crew for the best season yet #yay  #homesweethome  #familytime #happymama 💘.”

As fans eagerly await the release of Season 4, wrapping filming up is encouraging news. Filming in the midst of a pandemic is a challenge. Its completion marks the end of their difficult yet fun process.

Taylor Sheridan on Dealing With Pandemic Filming

Taylor Sheridan gave an interview in mid-July talking about how Yellowstone would deal with the show’s production. During the interview, he talks about how careful the crew and cast need to be to make the show work.

Sheridan shares the steps the production team is taking to make filming Season 4 successful. However, he talks about how fortunate the show is to have so much space at its disposal.

“I benefit from the fact that I have hundreds of acres at my disposal at a ranch. We’re talking about having a restaurant there. And some form of entertainment on set every single day. You can get every meal there. We’re building an outdoor gym. We’re doing everything we can to try and make it as pleasant as it can be under these circumstances.”

As the actors couldn’t really leave the set because of the virus, it made keeping everyone sane a bit harder. Nonetheless, the cast is incredibly tight-knit, and the filming went off without a hitch.

Sheridan continued talking about the preparations in the July interview with Deadline. Expressing his thoughts that restrictions likely wouldn’t change, the filming plan needed to be rock solid.

“I think that possibly by the late spring of 2021, you can look at not having to break your set down into zones. And you know we’ll be testing essential elements every other day.”

A Successful Season 4

Sheridan further notes that the set is a home away from home. He goes on to say that actors would have certain zones to stay in but wouldn’t be allowed to leave those zones.

“You have the challenge of bringing in guest-star actors or day-playing camera operators. You can ask someone to self-quarantine at your location, but can you vet that? There’s a lot of challenges. It will, for sure, magnify the expense of every TV production.”

Yellowstone began filming in mid-August and concluded recently. The extent of the panning during Covid-19 was altogether hectic but successful. Sheridan and company overcame all of the challenges, and everyone on set was kept healthy.

Now, the only question that remains is what is going to happen in Season 4. Will anyone rise from the dead? Who will be killed next?