‘Yellowstone’ TV Set Decorator Discusses How the Main House ‘Has a Feel of Comfort’

by Thad Mitchell

Popular Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is set to return later this year to the delight of the show’s massive fan base.

Most of that action on “Yellowstone” takes place on the ranch, the bunkhouse or the Montana wilderness. But, some of the show’s best scenes have taken place inside the Ranch’s main house. The main house is where the Dutton family calls home as its been in their family for more than a century. With an authentic mountain, cabin feel to it, “Yellowstone” fans cherish interaction between the Dutton family inside the main house.

Much of that interaction takes place at the large dinner table inside the main house kitchen. There have been more than a few memorable scenes that take place in the ranch’s primary residence. Who can forget Jamie Dutton confronting his father, John Dutton, after discovering he is adopted? The main house is also where John Dutton tells Rip Wheeler that his son, Kayce Dutton, would be assuming his leadership position.

One reason the main house is so beloved by “Yellowstone” fans is its authenticity and true-to-life feel. With a flame burning in the fireplace, the Dutton family main house just looks like a cozy and comfortable place. The responsibility for creating that feel falls on set decorator Carla Curry. In a 2020 interview, she explains why attention to detail is so important in creating the set of the main house.

“It’s all in the details,” the Instagram post proudly states. “Set decorator Carla Curry and her team focus on the details to make ‘Yellowstone’ feel as real as possible.”

‘Yellowstone’ Decorator Lives the Ranching Life

Married to a rancher and fully immersed in the ranching culture, decorating the main house come naturally to Curry.

“We bring the ‘real’ to the set,” the veteran decorator says. “We’re in a historic lodge that was built in 1914 and is beautifully preserved. We try to make it feel like in the Dutton world that it had its place for generations in this family.”

In designing the main house decor, Curry and her team focused on comfort.

“We want to give the home the feel of comfort,” she continues. “This where they could go to feel the family. The home has become almost its own character.”

“Yellowstone fans certainly agree and took to the comments section of the post to say a few words of appreciation to Curry and her team.

“My favorite setting for any show ever!” a fan replies. “We love the themed details.”

“It’s absolutely beautiful!” another fan says. “Love to visit one day this fabulous place!”

With the new season quickly approaching, fans can’t wait to see what Carla and her team have done. With the fourth “Yellowstone” season arriving this fall — the wait is coming to an end in the near future.