‘Yellowstone’ TV Shares Memorable ‘Alamo’ Showdown Between Beth Dutton and Willa Hayes

by Jon D. B.

“The sting never fades with me. It is a painful lesson, and one you’re about to learn.” Relive one of ‘Yellowstone’s’ most iconic scenes as Beth Dutton and Willa Hayes square off the only way they know how: hardball.

It’s one of the most iconic scenes to come from ‘Yellowstone’s’ fantastic third season. As such – it never gets old. Fans of the modern Western will never forget watching this showdown for the first time. And if this is your first time, then, whoo boy. Prepare for the fireworks.

Beth Dutton has never had an opponent quite like Willa Hayes. Every bit as sharp, crafty, and malicious as the other, these two are rare equals for one another. As you either know or can guess, there’s no handshaking here. Instead, it’s all grit, guts, and daggers.

“When you find yourself standing on the wall of the Alamo, Willa, the outcome has already been decided,’ ‘Yellowstone’ chooses to caption their official Season 3 clip Thursday. While an absolute banger of a quote, it pales in comparison to our favorite Beth Dutton line from the scene. Let’s take a look:

Breaking Down a ‘Yellowstone’ Favorite: The ‘Alamo’ Showdown

“That’s my desk,” Beth points after flinging her bag. Willa is, in fact, sitting at Beth’s desk. Only it isn’t hers any longer.

Willa quickly fires back, naming everything in the office as her own. “What’s that saying cowboys use? ‘Fuck with the bull… and you get the horns,'” she scowls.

It’s one of the rare times we see Beth disarmed, with Kelly Reilly working overtime as she conveys the confusion and rage Beth is feeling simultaneously. In truth, however, she should’ve seen it coming a mile away – as Willa quickly explains.

“I prepare for everything,” Hayes tells her in the classic ‘Yellowstone’ clip. “I anticipate every possible outcome. And I would’ve expected the same from you. But if you would’ve given this a bit of thought, you would know that every possible outcome leads to me. Sitting right here,” she adds with a hard tap on Beth’s computer.

“When you find yourself standing on the wall of the Alamo, Willa, the outcome has already been decided,” Beth retorts in a severe tone. “The only thing there is to do is to kill as much as you can before they kill you.”

“I respect that. You certainly got your kills!” Willa lauds. “Lil’ b—h. Cost my shareholders billions,” she continues, noting the heart of their feud: Beth’s savage sabotaging of Market Equities and their stock.

“But now, as a result, my shareholders are majority owners of Shwartz & Meyer, and you – are fired. So thank you for all that land around your father’s ranch. We have big plans for this valley. And after the sting of this fades, you should give me a call. You could do very well working for me.”

“When all this is over…”

Honestly, this is one huge point where Outsider fully agrees with Willa. While Beth’s shrewd business tactics did give her a temporary advantage, as sharp as Beth is – she should’ve seen this coming miles away.

Knowing Beth, however, no one else will ever come out on top but her. And she lets Willa know this. Which leads right into one of the character’s best quotes from the entirety of ‘Yellowstone.’

“When all this is over. I’m going to hang your diploma above my toilet in my guest house,” she sneers to Willa. “You have my word.”

“Like I said you gotta let the sting fade. Then we’ll talk,” Willa smirks.

“The sting never fades with me. It is a painful lesson, and one you’re about to learn,” Beth replies. Ouch.

“I like her,” Willa bites. Sure you do. We can’t wait to see where this storyline leads in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3. And if you’re worried about Beth Dutton’s explosive death right after this scene – we have some theories on that, too.