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Yellowstone TV Shares Emotional Clip of Kayce and Monica Dutton: ‘No Such Thing as Forever’

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

In a short snippet from a scene in Yellowstone, Kayce Dutton offers up some powerful words to his wife Monica. The couple is a staple of the show and integral to the plot, especially Kayce.

In the heart wrenching scene, Kayce tenderly takes Monica’s face in his hands and talks about their relationship.

Although the clip is short, there’s a lot to dissect from this famous scene in Yellowstone.

The couple deal with the pitfalls of having a relationship that isn’t approved of by the Dutton family. This is in part due to the Dutton’s conflicting political agendas and battle with the reservation.

“Theres no such things as forever, baby. All we can do is live like theres no tomorrow, because one day we’ll be right.”

It is important to note that the Dutton family is constantly involved with other families, gangs, and businesses. The family’s skirmishes with their enemies are one of the many reasons the show is so popular.

Kayce and The Dutton’s Problems

In this clip especially, Kayce is saying that there’s not a clear, bright future for them and their son. Especially because they once lived on a reservation while this is all getting dealt with. In addition, the fact remains that seemingly everyone is out to get the Duttons and the walls are caving in around the couple.

The couple met when they were young. Kayce used to be a navy seal and is a trusty hand with a gun. So whenever any kind of conflict arrives, familial or otherwise, he has to be there to fix the problem.

Monica would prefer a quieter life devoid of the families’ politics and wants him to stay with her and their son. For example, when Monica falls and hits her head, she nearly dies. She decides to take Tate away from Kayce and tells him to change.

There’s too many problems, and Kayce does his best to confront them, but he can’t fix them all.

So, he’s constantly running off and almost getting himself killed in the process. All the while this brings more attention to her and her son, dragging them deeper into constant danger.

Hopefully, this coming season brings some peace to their relationship and the two can raise their son happily together. All that remains of the ranch is his – and Rip’s – legacy. So it is crucial he continues to address and fix problems that arise.