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‘Yellowstone’ TV Shares Important Reminder About Dinner Table Etiquette

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Want John Dutton‘s advice on dinner table etiquette? Yellowstone is highlighting the patriarch’s classic quote with this “stick to eating” post.

When it comes to life on Yellowstone ranch, there’s one rule above all other rules: Do what John Dutton says. And if he gives a piece of advice, it’s best to follow suit. The show’s official Instagram account is reliving one such moment today as we continue to wait for news on Season 4.

Within, JD lays down the law for his son, Kayce Dutton, in a classic Season 3 scene. We won’t spoil too much for those who have yet to catch up on the previous seasons – but it suffices to say that the irony in this line is what will make it far funnier for fans.

Following their discussion, Kevin Costner’s John Dutton announces, glass of wine in hand: “And that’s why we don’t talk about (deep JD breath & snuff) business at the dinner table…”

“Won’t do it again,” Kayce responds, deadpan.

Perfect, relatable interactions like this are what keep Yellowstone so grounded amidst the chaos. Even if it’s just a short bit from a great episode, the Duttons know how to deliver morsels worth savoring:

How Many More Morsels ’til a Yellowstone Season 4 Trailer, Though?

If you’re yelling “enough with the morsels, show us a Season 4 trailer!” – then you’re not alone, bucko. The wait feels eternal, but Yellowstone Season 4 is headed our way. But seriously: when can we expect the first trailer, though? The amount of cliff-hangers we’re all waiting on to be resolved, after all, is mind-boggling. And there’s no doubt in our minds after S3’s finale that the Duttons are in big trouble. The life or death kind.

The potential death of John Dutton coming in S4, for starters, is still a hot topic of debate. Alongside his daughter, Beth, and son Kayce – the Duttons fell prey to lethal assassination attempts. Out of the three, though, it is John himself that we’re led to believe survives his encounter.

With so much continuing focus placed on the explosive events of that episode, fans are left pining for something – anything – to clue into how S4 will play out. Not to mention when, as well, as we’ve still yet to receive an official release date for Yellowstone Season 4.

When to Expect Season 4’s Trailer: The Facts

All of this, of course, leaves us to wonder when we’ll be given our first glimpse into the upcoming season. Before the show’s release, we’re bound to receive a multitude of trailers. Given Paramount’s slight rebranding to focus on film-made-for-television, however, we’re banking on the release of a large, main trailer for Season 4 to kick things off Hollywood style.

As such, a Yellowstone Season 4 trailer should hit soon, right? S4 will find us in 2021, and we’re ten days into January.

For a bit of clarity, it seems prudent to look back at when the trailers for other seasons hit as opposed to the season’s premieres. And we’re doing just that as part of Yellowstone TV: When Could The First Trailer for Season 4 Drop?

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