‘Yellowstone’ TV: Should Jamie Dutton End Up Owning the Ranch?

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

There’s two types of Yellowstone fans: ones that feel sorry for Jamie Dutton, and ones that can’t stand his behavior. The former want him to be happy. The latter, however, think he’s far overdue for a reckoning.

Yellowstone fan and Redditor WhyWeCameToTheCity falls into this first camp, proclaiming ahead of the Season 4 finale:

‘Anyone else feeling really bad for Jamie?’

“Though I absolutely feel for Beth over their whole past issue, I think the way John treats Jamie is disgusting. He seems to have it out for and purposely tries to humiliate Jamie and ruin his life. And for what?” the Redditor asks. “Yeah, Jamie could definitely be more loyal. But maybe if he wasn’t always treated as the black sheep he would be?”

Season 4 went a long way in adding fuel to this fire, too. “I sure hope John doesn’t expect Jamie to still be loyal after that stunt with the Governor and the press conference. I’m really starting to hate John,” WhyWeCameToTheCity continues.

Yellowstone fan LluagorED agrees with “Yeah. I hope Jamie ends up with the ranch in the end tbh. He loves John and wanted to uphold John’s vision, and was the only kid trying to. Just to constantly get sh*t on. Most of Jamie’s sh*t wouldn’t have been a problem if he just had any kind of support.”

While this feels like an easy justification for Jamie’s actions, the man is his own man. Regardless of how others treat us, it is our own actions that define who we are.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans See Jamie in Remarkably Different Lights

So, on one end, fans like TwistedFlame95 believe “Beth was right. John hates Jamie for becoming what he himself turned him into.”

But on the other, we have fans like SlidyRaccoon who are holding Jamie accountable. “I mean, Garrett tried to murder his entire family including Kayce and he just let it go,” the Redditor replies. “He was psychology manipulated but c’mon, he is not that broken, how am I supposed to feel for Jamie if he can’t see how evil that is.”

Let’s not forget that Jamie, too, first gave a reporter a defamatory story on his family to a reporter while on the record… Then proceeded to hunt down said reporter and murder her. And sure, his kill count is remarkably less than John’s, Rip’s, and Kayce’s, but these other three men don’t kill over news articles. As John tells Beth in Season 4, Episode 9: “We slaughter wolves, not sheep.”

And as Redditor UnlikelyUse points out, perhaps the best thing for Yellowstone (and Jamie) would be the following:

“I think the best thing for Jamie would be for him to wake up and realize he’s a 41 year old man and the Attorney General of the state of Montana. Doing so might make him realize how ridiculous he looks when he slumps around with his head down slapping handrails and the side of barns. It also might empower him to not only get on with his own life and raise his child but to also realize that maybe just maybe as the AG he could look into the death of his own birth mother and reach a conclusion about his bio dad.”

Take note, Jamie Dutton: Less slapping barns and more self-pride.