‘Yellowstone’ TV Shows Beth Dutton at Her Most Understanding in Video: ‘Nothing’s Wrong’

by Jon D. B.

“Always changing…” Revisit this key Beth Dutton moment with “Yellowstone” as the Dutton daughter finds herself caught between the ideologies of her father and her lover.

“Nothing’s wrong. It’s just life,” Beth replies to Rip with a knowing smile. “Always changing… The one thing he doesn’t want it to do.”

Her words come courtesy of a Monday clip from “Yellowstone”s official Instagram. Within, we see Beth at her most understanding as she gives her love, Rip Wheeler, a rare moment of clarity early in Season 3. For much of S3, Beth still wears the scars of her horrific sexual assault that brought Season 2 crashing down on her and viewers.

We see the remnants of her scars and bruises here, as thick mascara shows she’s clearly been mulling over the fate of her family – specifically her beloved father, John Dutton.

The Wonder That is ‘Yellowstone’s Beth Dutton

If Kelly Reilly doesn’t win all the awards eventually for her tenure as Beth on “Yellowstone,” then Outsider will lose all faith in human awards shows. The modern Western is chock-full of fantastic performances. Reilly’s, however, is top billing – no question.

Reilly imbues the only Dutton daughter with an inconceivable range. From ferocity to vulnerability, the actor’s best work of her career comes through Beth Dutton – and she can turn it all on a dime.

Speaking to this at length is the wonder herself, Kelly Reilly, for Paramount’s in-depth featurette on Beth.

“Beth… She’s so fierce and formidable,” Reilly begins of her beloved character. “There’s a freedom that she has. Beth just says and does what she feels.”

“Her relationship with her father is what draws her back,” Reilly continues of Beth’s history with the Dutton’s Yellowstone Ranch.

In addition, Reilly says Beth “takes it upon herself to ruin whoever is a threat to John.” This becomes her whole world, too, as we see in Monday’s official clip above. No matter what she does or who she goes after – even if it isn’t what Rip would want her to do – it’s going to be in service of her father.

“Beth is pulled back like a magnet to this land,” Reilly adds. “To this ranch. But it’s been encroached upon. And now Beth understands what she has to do.”

In the end, Kelly Reilly knows, as do all “Yellowstone” viewers, that “It’s Beth and John. And everyone else is going to be at war with them – including, now, Jamie.”

“She will do anything for her father,” Reilly concludes with emphasis. And don’t we know it. Watch the full, fascinating expose below courtesy of Paramount – and get ready for “Yellowstone” Season 4 with your fellow Outsiders.