‘Yellowstone’ TV: Would the Show Be Entirely Different If Beth Went Back and Changed One Decision?

by Halle Ames

Would the “Yellowstone” series be entirely different if Beth could reverse the clock and change one small decision?

Life is full of those moments where you could look back, and if you change one minor detail, everything would have been different. If Allie never went to the fair, she may have never met Noah (yes, I’m talking about the Notebook). What if the Titanic watchman warned the captain that they were headed straight for a massive iceberg a minute earlier? Movie over? No movie at all? Just another successful ship ride across the Atlantic? I’m telling you, it’s all about the little moments.

But back to “Yellowstone.”

How ‘Yellowstone’ Would be Different

Yellowstone” Reddit fans debate one choice that Beth made as a young girl and how it could have changed the whole series.

“What if Beth had gone to Lee instead of Jamie? Everything could be so different.”

What if? Let’s unpack this a little.

If Beth went to her oldest brother, Lee, would he have acted differently than the scared and nervous Jamie? Would taking Beth to a regular abortion clinic downtown tarnished their family’s name like Jamie thought it would? If Beth didn’t undergo a hysterectomy, would she have a house full of kids? Would they be Rip’s kids?

Furthermore, what would this do for Beth and Jamie’s relationship? I’m sure they wouldn’t hate each other as much as they currently do. Would this make Jamie a different person? One that is not nearly as spineless and selfish?

What if Beth told her parents instead of one of her brothers? Would John Dutton kick poor little Rip Wheel off the “Yellowstone” ranch for knocking up his baby girl? Most likely. Where would Rip be now?

There are so many possibilities.

Butterfly Effect

Some think that if Beth wouldn’t have gone to Jamie that there wouldn’t be any more ‘Yellowstone” at all. This Reddit user disagrees and seems to have it all figured out.

“I mean, there’d still be a show. It would just be an alternate reality than current Yellowstone. She and Rip could have a house full of kids, Jamie could maybe even be a decent human being, hell maybe that butterfly effect could cause Lee to still be alive.”

That seems like a bit of a stretch considering Lee was killed by Monica Long’s brother, but hey, the butterfly effect is a crazy thing. Heck, maybe Beth wouldn’t be so bitter either, and the Duttons would be one big happy and normal family?

You know… maybe.