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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is the Show Giving Away a Big Jamie Dutton Season 4 Plotline with These Photos?

by Thad Mitchell

As the return of hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” inching ever closer, fans of the show are on the edge of their seats.

With the modern western on hiatus, fans are flocking to the online message boards, namely Reddit, to share their thoughts on the show. Many simply want to discuss certain scenes with their fellow fans. However, others are trying to piece together clues to predict how the upcoming new season will play out. Furthermore, some may be led to believe Yellowstone producers have thrown a big clue out with recent set photos.

This last season ends on a sour note for fans as three of the show’s protagonists are ambushed by an unknow attacker. John Dutton, the Dutton family patriarch, is last seen being shot in the chest after helping a family change a flat tire. His son, Kayce Dutton, also doesn’t fair very well in the finale. He flips over a desk to shield from incoming bullets. Moreover, Beth Dutton, John’s only daughter, is the recipient of a package bomb that explodes inside her office. The fate of all three Dutton family members is unclear as we head into season four. The new season is likely to revolve around the reveal of who carried out the attack.

There are plenty of suspects with motivation to attack the powerful Dutton family, owners of Yellowstone Ranch. Native American Reservation leader Chief Rainwater and Market Equity Rep Rourke Morris and CEO Willa Hayes are lead suspects.

Another theory is John’s adopted son, Jamie Dutton, is the culprit. Possibly lending some credibility to this theory are the Yellowstone promotional photos posted since season three concluded. Is it possible the show is teasing Jamie is the culprit right in front of us? Multiple photos of Jamie posted on social media show dark and ominous clouds in the background. Is it a clue that Jamie is behind the attacks?

Yellowstone Photos Place Jamie Dutton is ‘Ominous’ Positions

“Even the clouds around Jamie are ominous,” the Instagram post states.

Jamie has had one of the most interesting character arcs on the show. He starts off as a prominent attorney seeking to move up into the office of Attorney General. After a quarrel with his father, he abandons that plan and speaks to a journalist, hoping to damage his father’s reputation. He immediately regrets the decision and without much choice, murders the journalist and has Rip Wheeler help him get rid of the body.

Another set photo shows Jamie wandering around Yellowstone Ranch in plain clothing.

“Still debating if he’s on Santa’s nice or naughty list,” the post says.

Jamie Dutton Makes Shocking Discovery in Season Three

In season three, Jamie makes a startling discovery. After asking a clerk to retrieve his birth certificate, he learns that he was adopted by the Dutton family and John Dutton isn’t his real father. He seeks out and finds his real father, Garrett Randall.

He learns Randall killed his mother after catching her prostituting herself for drugs. Some Yellowstone fans theorize Jamie and his father could be a tandem behind the attacks. Randall tells Jamie that he has murder in his blood due to his family lineage. He also tells him the only way to bring down an empire is to “kill the king.”

A third photo shows Jamie atop a horse at Yellowstone Ranch. The dark clouds are present in the background once again.

“Ominous,” the post proclaims.

Jamie greatly angers his father in the season three finale by siding with Market Equities plan to buy Dutton property. Despite the fact the company offers him $500 million for the land, John remains set on keeping his ranch. At a meeting with all affective parties in attendance, Jamie declares it is in his father’s best interest to sell the land before it is condemned. Angry at his adoptive son’s suggestion, John and Beth hastily leave the meeting. Shortly after the confrontation, the attacks on the Duttons occur. Jamie’s final action of season three is to tell Rip not to contact him any more.

With season four now just months away, fans of the show won’t have to wait much longer for answers.