‘Yellowstone’ TV Shows Exactly Why John Dutton Doesn’t Quit in New Clip

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” is reminding fans of what’s at stake in the epic Season 3 cliffhanger that has yet to be resolved: only the fate of the entire valley, and with it, the promise John Dutton (Kevin Costner) made to his father (Dabney Coleman).

“JD’s word is worth so much. #YellowstoneTV,” the official @Yellowstone Instagram account posted Monday. Along with those words was a video clip of Costner as Dutton.

“I made a promise,” Dutton says in the clip. “And I’d rather lose it than break it.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Brought Unprecedented Peril for the Duttons

As Season 3 ended, the Duttons were besieged by known and unknown enemies. Hedge fund Market Equities had made an offer on a parcel of the Dutton ranch, which it intended to turn into an airport. Dutton and his daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly) had refused to sell – Dutton promised his father not one inch would he give up – only to be overruled by Jamie (Wes Bentley), who claimed to be the rightful executor of the Dutton estate. Beth, alas, had filed her legal paperwork in Utah, not Montana.  

Meanwhile, former foes Chief Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) and Angela Blue Thunder (Q’orianka Kilcher) had set in motion a class-action environmental impact lawsuit against the hedge fund, joining the Duttons in opposition. But can Dutton really trust Rainwater? After all, the Broken Rock reservation leader freely admitted he is no friend to Dutton, only a temporary ally.

No sooner had Dutton and Rainwater seemingly joined forces than the Duttons came under attack by unknown assailants. John Dutton was targeted in a hit-and-run shooting and left bleeding by the side of the road. Beth Dutton disappeared into a cloud of smoke and flames as a bomb went off in her office. And livestock commissioner Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) faced off against a pack of intruders at his new office.

As Season 3 ended, Rip (Cole Hauser) eyed vultures circling overhead and sensed that something was deeply amiss. But will he get to the Duttons in time to save them? Only the cast and crew of “Yellowstone” know, and so far, they aren’t dropping any specifics.

Rip Actor Cole Hauser Says Fans Will Be Pleasantly Surprised

If things were looking grim for your favorite “Yellowstone” characters when last you saw them, take heart. “Yellowstone” star Hauser has some encouraging words for you. While he’s not giving anything away, the Rip actor said in a March chat with Kathryn Walt Hall on Hall Wines’ Virtual Happy Hour that audiences will be “happily surprised” with how things turn out.

“I think we will be back [on set] sometime in July,” Hauser said then. “I’m looking forward to getting back to Montana and… Season 5. I mean, Season 5 is gonna be wonderful. I mean, the way we ended Season 4 – I can’t give too much away. But the way Season 4 ends, I think the audience… I think you’ll be happily surprised with a lot of things.”

It’s roughly three months until the early November Season 4 premiere. And in the meantime, @Yellowstone is there for fans with highlight clips, reminders and quotations. So just sit tight, “Yellowstone” fans: Season 4 is right around the corner.