‘Yellowstone’ TV Shows Why Kayce May Be the Wisest Dutton Sibling in Video Ahead of Season 4

by Jon D. B.

“The youngest Dutton sibling is sometimes the wisest.” So says Yellowstone of one Kayce Dutton ahead of his Season 4 return with this fantastic montage.

We’ve seen Life According to John Dutton. Now… Prepare for Life According to Kayce Dutton.

With their latest feature, Yellowstone is placing the spotlight on the youngest Dutton sibling. And it’s an absolute treat. Within, we see highlights from Luke Grimes’ phenomenal performance. The montage gives an excellent sense of how spot-on Taylor Sheridan’s writing is for Grimes’ breakout character, too.

“There’s monsters everywhere in this world. You just gotta kill them when you find them,” the footage begins. It’s the now iconic “bathtub talk” between Kayce and Monica, where both Kayce and audiences see his wife transform into a Dutton before our very eyes. From here, it only gets better:

Some of our favorite Yellowstone Life According to Kayce Dutton lines are:

Jamie: I need some… Advice, brother. If I can still call you that.
Kayce: ‘Til the day you die, you better never call me anything else.

Kayce on Brotherhood

You’ll never meet a man who’s killed more men than me. But I ain’t never murdered one. I never will.

Kayce on Boundaries

The only thing I got left is to make a future for my son. This is the only thing I got to give him.

Kayce on Legacy

God sure finds interesting ways to put people out of business.

Kayce on Catastrophes

I want a name and an address. And if you lie to me again, I’ll stop hitting you and start beating you.

Kayce on Intimidation

I promised my wife I’d kill you. All a man has is his word.

Kayce on Keeping His Word (as he kills Teal Beck for abducting their son, Tate)

Kayce Dutton: ‘Yellowstone’s Prodigal Son

“Soldiers don’t tell war stories anymore, dad,” Kayce tells his father in one of the show’s best scenes. “‘Cause wars these days, it’s just about trying to live through them.”

Through the first three seasons, we’ve seen Kayce Dutton grow from a wayward soldier without purpose into an honor-driven man hellbent on preserving his family’s legacy. And it’s all for Tate.

Luke Grimes has given the best performances of his career throughout Yellowstone. His bond with Tate is made more powerful through Brecken Merrill’s genuine portrayal of Tate, too. So when Kayce delivers lines like the following, it hits home in a big way.

“That’s a big deal, taking a life,” Kayce tells his son of his first hunting harvest. “Everything on this earth has to do it to survive. Even trees. The big ones kill all the smaller stuff beneath it.”

For far more fantastic lines and moments from Luke Grimes’ Kayce Dutton, be sure to watch Yellowstone’s full Life According to Kayce Dutton above.